28 May 2009

Fear and how I dealt with it

When I was in my teens, I used to love watching horror movies. I grew up with a solid diet of vampires, devils, ghouls, spirits, "pontianaks", "hantus" and others of the supernatural realm. Even when I knew that I would be scared out of my wits, I still found myself drawn to watching those movies.

Needless to say, I sought the company of my 2 sisters or my brother when it was time to go to bed. When this was no longer possible, I found that I had to play very loud music. My favourite was Shirley Bassey. She has such a loud and powerful voice. All I had to do was put the tape on and I felt that I was safe because, in my childish mind, I thought it would deter unwelcome "visitors" or at least trick "them" into thinking I wasn't alone.

Talking about Shirley Bassey during my lunch time yesterday, made me remember this. I remember that fear and how I dealt with it, quite successfully, I might add.

Today, I still watch some horror movies. Of course, I've evolved from when I was a teenager. Now, if a show threatens to be frightening, I turn off the volume. Yes, juvenile but it works for me!!! At 50, I watch scary movies without the volume. This irritates the hell out of Stephen and Jared, if they are home!

Now, if only my fear for Malaysia, becoming so not what I think she should be, could be so easily resolved.

If only.....

24 May 2009

Truth is stranger than fiction!

What on earth is happening in Malaysia? Are we safer today with the police working so hard?
According to Suaram, a Human rights group, these are the recent arrests since 5 May 2009, as follows:
5 May 2009
1 arrest – Wong Chin Huat
(He was released on the 8th May)
Arrest at apartment in Seri Sentosa, Kuala Lumpur and taken to Bukit Aman then to IPD Brickfields, KL
6 May 2009
3 arrests – Sani Md Shah, Saufi Mihat, Yasir Sheikh Abdul Rahman
(Released under police bail on the 7th May)
Sending birthday cake to Prime Minister in Putrajaya
6 May 2009
1 arrest – Mohamad Sabu
(Released on the 7th May)
Near the Harakah office in Jalan Pahang Barat, Kuala Lumpur.
6 May 2009
14 arrests
(Released under the police bail on the 6th May)
Candlelight vigil outside IPD Brickfields, KL
7 May 2009
69 arrests
(Released on the 7th May)
Ipoh, Perak
7 May 2009
20 arrests
- Law Teck Hao (arrested on 6 and 7 May)
(Released under police bail on the 8th May)
Candlelight vigil outside IPD Brickfields, KL
7 May 2009
1 arrest – Eng Kiat
(Released under police bail on the 8th May)
Candlelight vigil in Penang
7 May 2009
10 arrests
(Released under police bail on the 7th May)
Candlelight vigil in Sarawak
19 May 2009
11 arrests
- Teo Nie Ching (arrested on 6 and 19 May)
(Released on the 20th May at 3am)
Candlelight vigil outside DAP MP Teresa Kok’s office
21 May 2009
16 arrested in Teratai, Ampang
(They were remanded for 2 days)
- Jenice Lee (arrested on 7 May in Perak ,19 May and 21 May)
Candlelight vigil outside DAP Teratai Service Centre
Total: 146 arrests (142 individuals)

16 May 2009

Perak, oh Perak!

Perak, oh Perak!
Mengapa engkau sakit?

Macam mana aku tak sakit?
Tunggu snap election - Tunggu snap election.

Inspired by this Malaysian folk song! (Does anyone remember singing this?)

bangau oh bangau,
kenapa engkau kurus?

macam-mana aku tak kurus,
ikan tak mahu timbul – ikan tak mahu timbul

ikan oh ikan,
kenapa engkau tak timbul?

macam-mana aku nak timbul,
rumput panjang sangat – rumput panjang sangat

rumput oh rumput,
kenapa engkau panjang?

macam-mana aku tak panjang,
kerbau tak makan aku – kerbau tak makan aku

kerbau oh kerbau,
kenapa tak makan rumput?

macam-mana aku nak makan,
perut aku sakit – perut aku sakit

perut oh perut,
kenapa engkau sakit?

macam-mana aku tak sakit,
makan nasi mentah – makan nasi mentah

nasi oh nasi,
kenapa engkau mentah?

macam-mana aku tak mentah,
api tak mahu menyala – api tak mahu menyala

api oh api,
kenapa engkau tak mahu menyala?

macam-mana aku nak menyala,
kayu api basah – kayu api basah

kayu oh kayu,
kenapa engkau basah?

macam-mana aku tak basah,
hujan timpa aku – hujan timpa aku

hujan oh hujan,
kenapa timpa kayu?

macam-mana aku tak timpa,
katak panggil aku – katak panggil aku

katak oh katak,
kenapa panggil hujan?

macam-mana aku tak panggil,
ular nak makan aku – ular nak makan aku

ular oh ular,
kenapa nak makan katak?

macam-mana aku tak makan,
memang makanan aku – memang makanan aku!!!

betul juga tu ye…
memang makanan engkau – memang makanan engkau!!!

13 May 2009

Russian Poker

In Russian Poker, thirteen cards are dealt and if you have 6 pairs with one loose card to spare, it may be considered a bad hand!

HRH Sultan Azlan
HRH Raja Nazrin
Barisan Nasional
Pakatan Rakyat
Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin
Datuk Seri Dr Zambry Abdul Kadir
BN-installed speaker Datuk R Ganesan
Speaker V Sivakumar
High Court judge Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim
Court of Appeal judge Datuk Ramly Ali

PM Najib!

10 May 2009

Malaysian All Blacks (belated pictures!)

With arms akimbo as when a child stands defiant against a purported injustice.
My colleague and good friend, Ivy! Slim, trim and with a gleam in her eyes! She said that her husband also wore all black!

Well, I found out only today that my niece in Penang also wore black as did all her colleagues. Jarod of Paradise Storm too! Angeline S informed me, via sms, that she was also in black. I was in great company!

Happy Mother's Day

To all the mothers who check this space!!!!!!!!!

M is for the MILLION things she gave us
O means only that she's growing OLD
T is for the TEARS she shed for us
H is for her HEART of gold
E is for her EYES with love-light shining
R means RIGHT and right she always is

Put them together and you get "mother".

Happy Mother's Day!

09 May 2009

Happy Wesak Day

Any day is a good day to stop and think about peace and happiness in all that we do.

To all my buddhist friends...

Have a blessed Wesak Day!

01 May 2009


Happy May Day, Labour Day, Workers’ Day or whatever you want to call it!

As I am part of work force, I celebrate today. It is a great idea to have a day, set aside, especially for those of us who are fortunate enough to still have a job.

With so much uncertainty in today’s world, it seems to be necessary to take stock of what it means to be employed and to be grateful.

For many, it is a distressful time. When there may not seem to be any silver lining, when the ship is sinking, when the rug has been pulled from under one’s feet, “mayday, mayday, mayday” would seem to be screaming silently in their head! It’s too sad to think about it.

We can only hope the tide will soon pass and that we would have done our bit to help whoever we could along the way.

BTW: Happy Birthday, Mom! Love you!