25 February 2012

Project 366 - Week 8 (Feb 19 - Feb 25)

February 19 - Looking for snacks! 

February 20 - Pinterest, my new interest! 

February 21 - Sunflower seeds! I can eat a whole packet. Easily. 

February 22 - This angel has been with me since 3 cars ago. 

February 23 - Eat, love and pray. 

February 24 - A rainbow made me smile. (half way between KL and Singapore) 

February 25 - Gave in to temptation... Guess where? 

18 February 2012

Project 366 - Week 7 (Feb 12 - Feb 18)

February 12 - It was quite tasty. 

February 13 - Dual-purpose fridge magnet! ♥ 

February 14 - Valentine visit

February 15 - Valwell!!! 

February 16 - At the end of the day.

February 17 - My Peruvian Mirror, Mirror on the Wall! 

February 18 - I love you and you!

17 February 2012

Of Choices, Chances and Changes

I have thought of this moment for ever so long.  It always seemed so far away in the distant future and now it is almost here.

I shall be taking a break from gainful employment.

When I first hinted about it last year, most people didn't believe that I would go ahead with this idea because I have been working since 1978.

For a while, even I didn't think I would follow through with this decision but some things happened in 2011 and made me take stock of what I wanted for 2012.  

Surprisingly, I received unexpected reactions from those near and dear to me.  However, there was only one that counted and that sealed the deal for me.
Soon enough, I shall close the chapter on a huge portion of my life.  

Soon enough, I shall begin a new chapter on a new adventure of my life.

(pics picked up from FB)

14 February 2012

Be my Valentine!

Every year it is the same thing.  

There is the same debate.
Celebrate!  Don't celebrate!

Why this is even an issue is beyond me, so won't you move away, you "wet blankets"?  

Make way for those who want to celebrate love!

(This goes out specially to Stephen Felix Grosse!)

12 February 2012

Did he know?

It's always hard to lose someone.  It's even worse when it's unexpected. While I don't consider myself an expert on grief, I do believe I qualify to speak about it.

At the end of anybody's life, the only question that really matters is, "Did he know you loved him?".

Did he know that you loved him when he was alive?  If he did, then you have walked the talk of love.  Love is not passive. It is active.

The point is that we have to show our love while people are alive!  Death is final.  There is no second chance.

You can claim to have loved someone so much and so hard after they are dead.  But if you didn't show it while they were alive, then it counts for nothing.

We have to remember this.

Live, love and never be afraid of saying "I love you".  Let them know.  

(All pics from the WWW)

11 February 2012

Project 366 - Week 6 (Feb 5 - Feb 11)

February 5 - Dragon at the Morning Market

February 6 - Water Dragon brings luck!

February 7 - Moon over Tuas. 

February 8 - Thank God for Skype. 

February 9 - 84 blouses :)

February 10 - First Coach (taken from the window of another First Coach) 

February 11 - M&Ms (one colour is missing)

04 February 2012

Project 366 - Week 5 (Jan 29 - Feb 4)

January 29 - Going GREEN! 

January 30 - My favourite bun! 

January 31 - Rest in PEACE. :( 

February 1 - My constant companion.

February 2 - From Labuan with love. 

February 3 - Printed in 1963 (inherited this from my Aunt).

February 4 - Mango Longan and some peculiar-looking jelly. :)