21 February 2011

Of seeing an angel

Most parents, if not all, will say that their child is an angel.  I don't know about the others but I know my child is an angel and I've got proof!

As they say on Hitz.FM........ G O T C H A!


14 February 2011


My girlfriend from down under 
says "Love is not a sin"
she's absolutely right.

Handpainted heart of flowers, 
with our initials (Estrelita and Stephen)
by Simply One-Stroke

11 February 2011

Valentine's Day - Off Limits!

Wow!  It seems that, in Malaysia, Valentine's Day is a bad thing.  I don't say it's a good thing but I can certainly say it's not a bad thing.  

Unless you are absolutely incapable of knowing right from wrong and good from bad, then perhaps, Valentine's Day could be deemed dangerous. Mwahahahahahahaha.

However, if you've got a sweet tooth, a kind heart and a moderate outlook, then I recommend it.  Let's spread the love around.

Long ago I received a gift from my colleague for Valentine's Day.  It took me by surprise.  I asked her (yes, a female) the reason for it and she said "Just for Valentine's Day".   Awwwwwwwww!  Feel good moment, there!  I can't remember exactly what it was she gave me but I remember the feeling.

Did it make me have lesbian tendencies?  No.

Did it make me have lower moral standards?  No. 

Did it affect my perception of love?  Yes.

Love comes in many forms.

It's not always sexual.  

04 February 2011

Of Facebook, Farmville and Friends

Recently, there was a rumour that Facebook was going to end on March 15.  Many thought it was real.  While some heralded it as the best news ever, others moaned and groaned.  Just as quickly as the news spread, it was quashed.

I know that many see Facebook as something evil, which eats away at proper socialising and swallows up the precious minutes from the 24 hours that we all get.  I see it as a great platform with which we can keep in touch with people, albeit in a virtual world.  Before Facebook, I lost touch with my family members.  The only time I met up with them was at a wedding or funeral.  On Facebook, I can see what each one is doing, where they are going, what they are up to and more.  I can "poke" them, comment on their status, send flowers or hugs, share pictures and the list goes on.  I've found relatives that I never knew I had before.  There's something to be said about being connected but having control over the distance.  The choice of being active or passive is in one's hands.

I play two games on Facebook.  One is Scrabble and the other is Farmville.  Yes, Farmville is a love it or hate it application.  I didn't know it would be so interesting until  I helped my son with his farm.  Then Stephen created one for me.  With that, I was hooked.  For the younger generation, I'd recommend it, instead of those games where you shoot and kill to gain points.  In Farmville, I notice that everyone helps each other happily and willingly.  I don't know of any other game where your competitors are so kind and helpful.  This refreshes my faith in humanity.  Again, for the younger generation, you will hone your skills for time management and business sense.  You have to plan and organise your farm for optimum performance.  In addition to all these advantages, you'll make friends with people who have the qualities that really count in life.

The friends that I had long forgotten and almost given up on of ever finding again have reappeared in my life.  The girls that I studied with and who were an integral part of my growing years are now back. Playing catch up with them is really wonderful.  

Then there are the students who are now married and who have kids of their own, I feel like a grandmother already.  When I am sad, I only have to say so on Facebook and I am immediately comforted by words or virtual gifts.  Who needs real stuff when the spirit in which the virtual gift is given is what makes it so valuable and counts so much.

Then there are the new friends.  They say "Make new friends, think of the old.  New is silver and old is gold". It's not true.  I have some new friends who I would classify as "gold".  Without Facebook, I wouldn't have had the possibility of ever knowing them.

So yeah, I love Facebook, Farmville and my friends.  

Life is so good and I am content. 

02 February 2011


Specially dedicated to all my family, in-laws, friends and readers

Gong Xi (恭禧) is congratulations or respectfully wishing one joy.
Fa Cai (發財) is to become rich or to make money.
Thus, Gong Xi Fa Cai means wishing you to be prosperous in the coming year.

Keong Hee means Congratulations
and Huat Chye means grow money
‎"Keong Hee Huat Chye" literally means congratulations to your prosperity 
and this is what all Hokkiens wish each other during the chinese new year.

is the Cantonese version of the above greeting

Xin Nian (新年) is New Year. Xin is new and Nian is year.
Kuai le (快樂) is happiness, joy, delight, or rejoicings.
So "Happy New Year" in English is "New Year Happy" in Chinese.

Finally I understand the different greetings.  Found these from browsing several sites.  Thank you to those who put it up.

(pic from photobucket)

01 February 2011

A hair wash, massage and blowdry

I don't know about other hair salons but the one I regularly go to, gives about 20 minutes of massage, in between washing your hair.  I just came back from visiting my favourite salon and timed each session.
15 minutes shampoo and head massage with light scratching
25 minutes massage (neck, back and upper arms)
10 minutes shampoo and head massage again
5 minutes hair rinsing and conditioning
10 minutes blowdry (my hair is medium length)

Cost:  RM21.00 (includes some extra conditioning stuff)

That's dirt cheap, if you ask me.  However, I always tip the girl who attends to me.
Most times when the place is crowded, the massage may only take 20 minutes.  Today, I guess I got an extra 5 minutes because it wasn't full.

I've had my hair washed in many places, including in Singapore.  I have tried all the different salons in Toa Payoh.  Including the ones that I've been to here in Kuala Lumpur, none give this extra service. 

Of course, the girls are not experts but they know enough to help you feel relaxed and I believe this is good for the blood circulation.  It's a quick fix for a hard day at work or home.  

I feel rejuvenated now.  *big smile of satisfaction*

If only they had a manicure and pedicure on the side.  Well, can't have everything, I say!

So if you are interested, let me know and we can make a date.  They are closed over the Chinese New Year holidays and reopen on 6 February 2011.  P.S.  wear a loose teeshirt for better service!  LOL!

(all pics from photobucket)

Happy Federal Territory Day

Happy Birthday, Kuala Lumpur!
A Federal Territory since 1974.

pic credit

Yup, it's a holiday for all those in Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya and Labuan.  What a nice breather before the Chinese New Year Holidays!

How am I spending my day off, you ask?  Hmmmm, I'm working at home!  Catching up on housework and emails.

I'm looking at the Chinese New Year decorations put up, all the cookies (calories!) and feeling quite satisfied with my preparations for the Lunar New Year.