25 December 2010

Merry Christmas 2010




19 December 2010

Of being happy, happier and happiest!

In general, I am a happy person.  I've learnt that being happy is a conscious decision.  Occasionally, I found that even when I was happy, something could come up to make me happier.

This is me with my "happy" face.

Yesterday, when I was killing time between sending and picking Jared up (okay! I was shopping!), I got a BBM from Stephen.  He said that he had received a handsome bonus.  Of course, whatever he gets, for me in Malaysia, is multplied by 2.3 at least.

So I get a beautiful bonus too!  Stephen is so sweet.  Along with the cash, came words for why I deserved it and that made me love him even more.  

This is my "happier" face.

When am I happiest?  It's when I have moments that money cannot buy.  Too many to mention.  No picture could capture that face!

By the way, my grandpa would have been 101 today if he was alive.  I was always his favourite grandchild.  I miss him.  Happy Birthday, Pa!  

17 December 2010

#3 Of What Makes Me Smile

Some of you know that I lost my second son, Eric.  It was hard for me but it must have been worse for Jared since he lost his only brother.  

I don’t know how it must have been for him.  Crippled by my own pain at that time, I couldn’t have realised that he, too, felt the awful void.

Anyway, there were good moments during those days that made me smile (for days on end).  This is one of them.

Many, many years ago, one of my cousins, after having 3 wonderful boys, conceived again and although, we were all hoping she would finally get a girl, she had another boy.  She asked me to be the godmother of that beautiful baby boy.  I agreed and I am so grateful to her for thinking of me.

After a gathering at her house in honour of my newborn godson, we were on our way home and we had this conversation in the car.

He:  Aunty L is so lucky to have 4 of them.
Me:  Yes.
He:  Maybe they can give us one.
He:  Maybe we can ask them since they have so many.
Me (laughing):  We can’t!  Those boys are her sons.
Me (trying to be serious): How would you like it if we had 4 and people ask us to give them one?
He:  But if she gives us one, she will still have 3 and we will have 2.
Me:  We cannot do that lah!  And don't you ask!!!!
He (not listening): We’ll ask for M______
Me:  Why him?
He:  He’s the same age as Eric.

If only life were as simple as that.  It’s a sad memory but it still makes me smile, always.

(some pics from photobucket)

12 December 2010

"X" marks the spot

I was on my way out this morning and saw this in the sky.  It caught my attention. When I reached the gate where my parents live, I jumped out of the car to take these 3 pictures.  My parents thought my pants was on fire!!!

My mom was sure that it was a natural phenomenon.  My dad said it was contrails.  Wikipedia says that Contrails (short for "condensation trails") or vapour trails are artificial clouds that are the visible trails of condensed water vapour made by the exhaust of aircraft engines.

Fortunately, I had my camera in my bag.  If you look carefully, you can see what looks like an inverted rainbow

They say "X" marks the spot.  Okay, we got that.  So what's the spot about?

09 December 2010

Of being in a scam! Part 2

I meant to put this up earlier but procrastination got the better of me.

Until now, I still worry about family and friends who get caught up with scams.  This story came out in Singapore's Asia One News.

It is eerily similar to one I know of but circumstances did not permit me to share it.  

I wanted to do so in the hope that someone would benefit from it.  Everyone should be warned and alerted about the many untrustworthy people that prey on kindness and goodness.

Take the time to read this and share with others.  If only one person can be helped, then it is already all worthwhile.

S$10,606 lost to Internet 'lover'                                      

Mon, Nov 22, 2010
New Straits Times

JOHOR BARU - Crime syndicates here are using the cyberspace relationships they have built through emails and social networking sites to cheat.

Police are currently investigating a case where a 47-year-old male lecturer fell victim to a syndicate that used an elaborate scheme popularly known as the "Customs Scam" to cheat him of RM25,500 (S$10,606) last week.

In the case reported at the Taman Pelangi police station on Nov 17, the lecturer said he was deceived into forming a strong relationship with a British woman by the name of Linda Bells.

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Having established his trust over two weeks, the woman wrote of an impending holiday to Malaysia and asking him to meet her at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

The lecturer said in his report that he went to KLIA, but his Internet friend did not arrive.

Instead, he received a telephone call from a man claiming to be from the Royal Customs and Excise Department.

The man alleged that the British women had been detained by Customs officers at the KLIA for not declaring STG250,000 (S$499,145).

Following several conversations, the man said the matter could be resolved upon the transfer of RM1,500 (S$624), which later ballooned to RM25,500, into a bank account.

The lecturer also alleged that he received telephone calls from people claiming to represent the Royal Malaysian Customs in KLIA as well as the British High Commission in Kuala Lumpur, saying he could meet his friend at the Sultan Ismail Airport in Senai.

He eventually deposited RM25,500 into the bank account of a Malaysian.

He only suspected something amiss when his "online friend" did not arrive at the Sultan Ismail Airport in Senai as promised the next day.

He then lodged a report with the police.

Johor police chief Datuk Mokhtar Shariff said police had received many similar reports, including the latest email hoax on the late Indonesian President Suharto's alleged gold bullion.

"The public must not be gullible and fall prey to these tricksters. If in doubt, check with the relevant authorities," he said yesterday.

Mokhtar also advised the public to exercise caution when communicating and socialising in cyberspace.

"People must treat any unsolicited friendship through social networking sites and emails with suspicion."

-New Straits Times

Click on link for original location of this news.

04 December 2010

#2 Of What Makes Me Smile

Children are so innocent and they take anything you give them.  They trust you unquestioningly and they love you unconditionally.

I hardly gave my kids any aerated drinks when they were growing up.  Mostly they drank milk, water or the famous Ribena which, until today, is a favourite.

During one Chinese New Year celebration, I had a case of packet mango juice.  Jared asked for one and in the festive spirit, I said, "okay".  He was about 4 or maybe 5 years old.

As he was drinking the juice from the tiny straw,  he said, “Ummmmmm, this mango juice is nice and gassy”.  I jumped and grabbed the packet from him and screamed, “Don’t swallow!  Spit it out!”. 

It was too late.  He already swallowed a mouthful of what he thought was a delicious aerated mango juice.

I would learn later that he has an iron stomach and a weird sense of food combinations.  This boy can eat maggi curry noodles with cheese.  I think, my godson, Greg taught him this.  Yucks!

When  I tell this story, I always smile.