27 December 2011

Belated Christmas Wishes 2011

I've been so busy this Christmas season with the kids that I've neglected to put up a Christmas greeting.  

Anyway, better late than never.  

Stephen and I have been acting as tourist guides.  The kids add to our joy and excitement at this wonderful time of the year.

Together, we can have our cake and eat it but the children are the icing (sweet and delicious)

(pics from the www)

10 December 2011

#5 Of What Makes me Smile

I was at Starbucks, KLCC grabbing a bite and enjoying my Caramel Macchiato.  While texting and halfway through my drink, the waitress asked me if some other people could join me because I was alone.  Of course, I agreed.

The table was a small one with only three chairs.  When I turned around to see who would share my table, it was a married couple with a little girl.

In Singapore, it's pretty common to share tables but in Malaysia, it is not a common practice.

Anyway, the little girl took a seat and her daddy told her she had to sit on his lap.  She obediently agreed although I could see that she wanted to have her own chair.

I quickly 'yam seng-ed" my drink and moved off.  The mommy apologised that I had to rush but I told her I was going off and not to worry.

As I moved off and hovered just by the side of the outlet, texting some friends, she came over to me with the little gift (picture above).

I was so taken by surprise.  Well, blow me over!!!!  A random act of kindness and I was the recipient!!!

I asked her if I could give her a hug and she accepted.

This really made me smile.  Now when I am home and I see it again, I am smiling again.