31 October 2010


In our borderless world, anybody can send this wish!

I hear that some clubs are celebrating here in Kuala Lumpur.  No wonder that masks, plastic pumpkins, pitchforks and such were on sale in supermarkets!

Anyway, joining all of them to say

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25 October 2010

Of using online resources! (or a euphemism for stealing)

Yup, some people really make you feel like you are lacking when they appear to get everything done so effortlessly. Somehow, Bree Van de Kamp of Desperate Housewives comes to mind. Every strand of hair is in place, she cooks, bakes, does gardening and her house is spick and span.

If you browse online for stories about people who are organised, you may stumble upon this:

You're probably wondering how I got it all done so early, or maybe you've already decided I'm one of those crazy, completely over-organized women who get everything done ahead of schedule. Well let me assure you, that is not the case, at least not the crazy part.

I had a great reason for getting my shopping finished early, besides just seeing if I could do it. I wanted to be able to enjoy the holidays with my family just a little bit more.
Source! (Always give credit to the source when you use their work!)

Believe it or not, I was told that these lines were borrowed stolen from the link given and presented as if it were someone's original writing.  It set me thinking that some people like to create false impressions.  

When someone can't write, that someone can actually take the trouble to surf the net to cut, copy and paste stuff from all over to pretend that it's original.  I was told there is a slew of this stuff which someone claims is her own writing or as she puts it "using online resources".  

*Wags finger*  No, it's not!!!  It is certainly not using online resources when you give the impression that you wrote it yourself.  In fact, it's stealing other people's words and claiming them as your own.

I have been amused to be told that the majority of her so-called blogs (hidden inside FB, for obvious reasons) had consisted of words or paragraphs stolen or edited from online pages.  

It is so easy to check.  All you have to do is copy a handful of those words, put them in inverted commas like this "The mood is peaceful and I although I have a lot on my mind, I am grateful for a productive day. It never quite seems to be a full enough day but I know that life has a way of always making us desire just a little bit more", and then paste them on any search engine like google.com.  Voila!  You will find the page or magazine that it was taken from and in this case, from here.

There were tons of stuff taken from all over the World Wide Web.  Some were wholesale copying and pasting. Some were edited and/or replaced with carefully selected words.  No mention was made of the source.  Incredible!  The deception runs thick and deep.

Unbelievably, she says integrity is her prized possession.

Does she not worry about being found out?  What do her friends think of this?  I have to believe they do not know.  So for how long does she intend to deceive them?

I think one of the reasons is that she can't stop because she's been basking in the lavish praises heaped upon her.  So she has to carry on with the sham.  This is why they say, "A lie takes care of the present but not the future".

More pertinently, the question would be, if this were your friend, what would your reaction be?  She isn't my friend and so I can just shrug my shoulders, giggle about it and laugh it off.

Nevertheless, what if he or she were my friend?  What would my reaction be?  Good question to think about.

I suppose I'd lose respect and trust for that person because telling a lie is one thing but perpetuating it is another.  I would also have to re-evaluate every single thing that person had said because once one's credibility is gone, one cannot recover it. Not 100 per cent anyway!

I may say all this now but I really don't know what my reaction would be if I found out something like this.  I really don't.

As far as I know, none of my blogger friends does this.  I guess it would be difficult to know why anyone would want to do it.

My friend ZR has a good explanation for "Why people do it?   

He says, "There is a deep emptiness in the human psyche which the owner tries to fill by dumping second-hand or borrowed wisdom into it but like a castaway who drinks from the sea to quench his thirst, the more he drinks the more thirsty he becomes, the seeker who looks outside will never be fulfilled ...".

He goes on to say, "Not being able to fall back on their own resources, such people do gain satisfaction from basking in the shade (praise) of the works of others just like camp followers or fans like to stand close or be taken pictures of with celebrities partaking and enjoying in their reflected glory. This is innocent and healthy enough up to a point but beyond that it can get sick when you can only live in the shadow of other people, of belief systems, of super this, super that, without which you feel you are nothing, without self-worth, directionless ... people must regain their self-belief and trust their own minds, for better or worse, and not be dependent on constructed realities ...".

I find it amazing that someone with other natural talents would want need to put up a charade that she can also write!  There must be some deep-seated feeling of lacking.

Am I worried that she will chance upon my blog?  No, why should I?  It might do her good to know.  There is a remote chance that she doesn't even realise or think it's wrong.

What about her friends reading my blog?  Well, maybe they will see things differently after they read this.  Perhaps they will tell her that she needn't pretend to be what she's not and that she's acceptable just the way she is.

After all, not everyone can be Bree!  

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21 October 2010

Of seeing "love"

People say that we can't see love.
People say that you can only feel love.

I say that sometimes we can!

We can see it in a clumsily wrapped gift!

which, when opened, will reveal a lantern with beautifully
hand-painted sunflowers!

You can also see love on a wood board with delicate roses!

Even better is when you see love in the little strokes, cleverly done by the artist, on this cute jam jar.  

But best of all is that the jam jar, lovingly painted has been lovingly filled, with home-made blackcurrant jam!

Thank you, Pat, for a lovely dinner 
and all the lovingly hand-painted gifts.   Muah!

15 October 2010

When the PM came a visitin'

Last Sunday, on 10.10.10, the Prime Minister of Malaysia came  to Taman Seri Sentosa for, what I believe to be, a Hari Raya Open House celebration.

Am I glad he came?  Yeah!

Traffic was a bit heavy, I saw a lot of people but it was too crowded for me.  So no detailed reporting because I wasn't at the Open House Celebration.

Oh, no wonder, the entire stretch of 
Jalan Taman Seri Sentosa 
has been retarred.  Yahoo!!!!!

 It took them only two days to get it done.  Efficient heh!

I wonder if therein lies a hidden formula for when your area needs sprucing up!

14 October 2010

Of being in a scam! Part 1 (DELETED)

This blog post has been deleted
along with all the links and ties 

that brought it on.

Sometimes you win, 
sometimes you lose!

To all those who took the time 
to comment, I thank you.  

Time for me to move on . . . 

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04 October 2010

Of knowing

The days of autograph books now seems to have become extinct. When I was in primary and secondary school, I loved being asked to sign autograph books. It gave me the opportunity to leave a verbal mark and also read what other people wrote. Probably therein lay the beginning of my interest to write and to read what others had to say.

Funnily, people wrote stuff instead of just signing their name. Some drew caricatures or put a picture. It was a chance to pen your thoughts or share a poem.

My girlfriend Chris found her old autograph book and kept it. She took a picture and put it up on Facebook. I couldn't believe it.  Thank God my writing has improved since then.  I have my old autograph book too.  I'm going to have to look for it.

I had some favourites and I can still remember them till today.

May you sail in a ship of ambition and anchor in a harbour of success!

I wish you luck, I wish you joy
I wish you first, a baby boy
and when his hair begins to curl
I wish you then a baby girl
and when her hair is up in pins
I wish you then a pair of twins

Friendship Remains And Never Can End

Remember M, Remember E
Put them together and remember ME

However, the one that I like the best is this

When day is over and shadows fall
I think and I realise that I love you most of all

It is so true that only when everything gets quiet and there is a stillness in the air, just before sleep comes, we think of who we love. This has been true for me.

No matter how many times I had thought I was in love before, this was always the acid test. In that twilight moment, between wakefulness and sleep, is when I know.

I know who I love most of all.

02 October 2010

Of being a friend

Recently, a string of emails made me think about what it means to be a friend. Not just a Facebook friend, but also a friend as defined by dictionaries as “a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard”.

The dictionaries also describe a friend as (1) a person who gives assistance, (2) a person who is on good terms with another and (3) a person who is not hostile.

A friend is not only someone who gives assistance. Anybody who is not a friend can also do that.

A friend is not a person who is on good terms with you. It is much more than that.

A friend is a person who is not hostile. Not true. A friend can sometimes be argumentative.

I suppose it would really be a stretch of the imagination to think that a friend could be defined so easily.

In one email reply, I wrote, “a friend, who could stand me, would stand by me”. This really is true. We are not perfect beings. We hide behind different masks with our insecurities and our vulnerabilities. The one who can see beyond all that, and still accept us for who we are, is a friend.

I have many friends. In every aspect of my life, I’ve been blessed with good friends. Not just fair-weather friends but friends who have shown their love for me much more than I sometimes think I deserve.

From experience, I know that it isn’t the length of time, the quantity of moments when meeting up or the quality of each happy greeting.

A person become your friend when you dare to show your true self, warts, and all.

As I think of the people in my life, the ones who are my friends, I realise how wealthy I am.

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