29 May 2012

Of Being Tired or Retired

I recently retired from work after 33 years of gainful employment.  It is a nice feeling to be able to look back and feel a sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and gratification.  

Over the last 20 years, I had been an Ambassador's secretary.  During this period, I served 4 Ambassadors, worked alongside 9 official Diplomatic Officers of various ranks.  We had 3 Presidential visits (1996/1997/1998)  from the former President Alberto Fujimori.  Some embassies have never even had one Presidential visit and I count myself fortunate at having had three experiences.  It was hard work but I learnt a lot more than what you find in secretarial books!

From day one, it was always challenging and interesting.  There were dull moments but most of all, I remember the happy times and laughter.  My memory is fresh with the days of long elaborate lunches, the jokes, chats, talks, gossips and heart-felt sharing with colleagues.

All of this shaped me into the person that I am today.  Each Ambassador taught me something valuable.  My colleagues always shared tips and tricks from their previous postings.  All of them inspired me in one way or another.  I embraced the culture of the Peruvian people and, likewise, they did the same for our Malaysian and Asian way of life.

Do I miss it all?


Or maybe not yet.  

Or maybe never.

It is funny that people found it difficult to understand why I would want to leave a prestigious job, with a good salary and a great team of colleagues. It wasn't an overnight decision. I had given this a lot of thought and the seed was planted last July. Just like a premature baby, it bore fruit at 7 months.

I hadn't realised that I was tired of the work. Stimulating and diverse as it was, I found myself repeating tasks for the fourth time around. Although it was easier, the joy or pleasure I used to feel wasn't there anymore.

Although I became efficient at my work, I found myself more tired at the end of the day. Age has a part to play in it but I suspect that when the heart is no longer in it, the energy is drained faster.

So it was a choice between "being employed and being tired" or "being unemployed and being retired".

My retirement has everything to do with having done all my duties, paying for my own way and, now, to finally live for what really makes me happy.  A huge "thank you" to my husband for his support and love.

On 29 February 2012, I retired.  It's been three months already.

Until now, I have to pinch myself to believe that I have retired.  

Until now, I am loving every second of it.

26 May 2012

Project 366 - Week 21 (May 20 - May 26)

May 20 - I know where Batman lives! :D

May 21 - Lunch!

May 22 - Evening walk home and stopped to take this shot.

May 23 - Koufu Coffee!

May 24 - Toa Payoh Hub for all my needs.

May 25 - The magical world of books (Toa Payoh Library).
I borrowed three books!!!

May 26 - Toa Payoh Mall (Nice place to lepak!).

23 May 2012

Phillip or Jessica?

So who will it be?  

Almost every fan of American Idol is sure of who the winner will be.  For me, it's been Phillip from the beginning.

There's something he has, that's different.  An "X" factor that Jessica lacks.  Yes, she can sing.  I don't dispute that.  So can Philip and he's an original.  We haven't seen anyone the likes of him ever.

It's anybody's guess if he will win but I hope that he does.  It would be nice to see his reaction.

Plus I have a teh tarik and roti canai riding on my hunch.

19 May 2012

Project 366 - Week 20 (May 13 - May 19)

May 13 - Mother's Day Memory!

May 14 - Sights of home, sweet home (Texas souvenirs).

May 15 - Hmmmmmm doesn't allow me to visit Singapore indefinitely!

May 16 - Just follow the orange brick road...

May 17 - The Avengers ! Date night with Stephen Felix Grosse

May 18 - Start of Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk.

May 19 - Beef Hor Fun (Just discovered this delicious dish)!

13 May 2012

Mother's Day 2012

My first Mother's Day E-card for 2012
came most unexpectedly from 
my Uncle Ralph Lesslar.

I love it and I shared it with others
because it really is quite beautiful.

Click to enjoy it.

So if you're a mom, let me take 
this opportunity to wish you

12 May 2012

Project 36 - Week 19 (May 06 - May 12)

May 6 - A store for me!!

May 7 - Took this while waiting for the bus.

May 8 - Nice place for kids and it's free.

May 9 - Finally I gave in to temptation and got one. 
Stephen says I should get the black and also the blue! Hmmmmmm!

May 10 - I've grown accustomed to this place.

May 11 - Nothing is going to stop me from growing!

May 12 - Spotted this baby pineapple growing in Taman Tun!

05 May 2012

Project 366 - Week 18 (April 29 - May 05)

April 29 - Soup of the day! Made by SFG.

April 30 - New Moon? I only know about Brand's! 

May 1 - Happy 77th Birthday, Mom!!! Love you loads. 

May 2 - Bougainvillea! I love the colour. 

May 3 - On the other side of the apartment. 

May 4 - Nice mosaic. I never step on it when I pass by. :) 

May 5 - The coffee shops in Singapore don't offer Nescafe! :(