28 November 2010

#1 Of What Makes Me Smile

My brother, Rin has an album of photos in which he wrote, “Growing up happens in a heartbeat”.  Of course, it’s taken from the TV series “The Wonder Years”.  He’s right to echo the sentiment.  I wish I could remember all the sweetness and joy that I felt when the kids were growing up.  In fact, it’s only when something jogs my memory that I remember a moment frozen in my mind.  There are probably hundreds, if not thousands of memories already forgotten.  It’s a pity because no one will know of them.

So I’m going to start a series and save them here for posterity.  In this way, I’ll always have them and also be able to retrieve them whenever I want to remember.

Besides, in the future, a grandchild of mine might stumble upon this and find an anecdotal piece of their history here.


When Jared began learning to read, it was a stressful time because, in truth, I couldn’t remember how I learnt to read myself.  So how could I help him?  I had many of the usual ABC books.  I even bought the book by Glenn Doman. Of course, there was also the usual story telling time but how was he going to absorb so much.

Our education system doesn’t help at all.

One day, while driving down the Sungei Besi road, (Stephen once called it the Iron River Road and I couldn’t relate to it, LOL), alone in the car with Jared, our conversation went something like this

He (very excitedly): Mummy, I can read.

Me (surprise in my voice): That’s great.  What can you read?

He (in serious tone):  CHO CHA CHO LA

Me (flabbergasted):  What is that?


Me (not understanding): Yes, I heard you but how do you spell it?

He: C-O-C-A  C-O-L-A!

Until today, whenever I see a Coca Cola sign, it makes me smile.

When I told my friend about it, she related to me a similar story.  Her son also said the same thing to her.  It was NAH TEE OHH NAL

Can you guess the word?  

25 November 2010

Of giving thanks!

Wikipedia says this:
Thanksgiving Day, known informally as "Turkey Day," is a harvest festival celebrated primarily in the United States and Canada. Thanksgiving was a holiday to express thankfulness, gratitude, and appreciation to God, family and friends for which all have been blessed of material possessions and relationships. Traditionally, it has been a time to give thanks for a bountiful harvest. This holiday has since moved away from its religious roots.

Anytime that one wants to give thanks is a day of thanksgiving.   Here we don't have any special holiday, we don't eat turkey and, certainly we have nothing to do with harvesting.

I'm just thinking of all the people in my life and giving thanks for them.  Why shouldn't I join my fellowmen, albeit in another continent, and celebrate in my own quiet way?  I have so much to be thankful for and this is as good a time as any, to stop and count my blessings.

No, I won't be having turkey.  I'm not into rituals. But, yes, I will just be giving thanks to God for my wonderful family and friends.  

In reality, it's not important HOW but WHY we celebrate.  Wherevcr you are, this is my wish for you. 

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20 November 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby!

Please click on music to listen.  The mushy stuff's below the music clip!

(Youtube clip from here.  Thank you)

It's unthinkable for me to let Stephen's birthday go by without putting up a post.  After all, this blog is my space, my world, my kingdom and my domain.  Stephen is in every inch of it and so very much a part of all I do and say.  

We are different, I don't deny it. 

He likes country music.  I prefer the rhythm and blues.

He is adventurous with food.  I am picky and fussy about it.

He's happy with his wardrobe.  I'm happy expanding mine.

And the list goes on, but he loves me and I love him.
In the end, that's all that matters

Happy Birthday, Baby!  The song is dedicated to you.  
On your special day, I just want to say "Baby, I'm a want you!"

16 November 2010

Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha everyone!!!!

Just a simple wish 
to my dearest family and friends!

With much love from STEEST

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14 November 2010

Of memories

The popular lines are "The memories closest to my heart are those in which you have a part".  I think it is very true.  You can see this when people live their lives surrounded by all the things of their past.  Unconsciously, they cling to objects and photos because they cannot let go.

Here is a story I know of.  I wonder if anyone has a similar one!

I wonder, “are you over me yet?
Is it so hard for you to forget?

You told our friends you had enough
Kept quiet about your new found love

You spread stories about what I did
Yet  your infidelity you hid

The love had died so why pretend
You wanted life in that foreign land

So if the choice I made to leave
Works out for us, why do you grieve?

You have our pictures on your wall
You put our old stuff in your hall

Does he not mind that I am there
In his own house, does he not care?

Surrounded by old memories
how much of me you really miss

The dress you wore on your big day
Was real familiar, I should say

It made me smile to see that pic
A joke that somehow seems real sick

You reached behind into your past
Of what should only be just dust

I don’t know why you did just that
For you I did feel sort of sad

You should let go, give up your hope
That without you, I cannot cope

I have moved on and found a wife
I have real love, I have a life

I wish you well with your illusions
As well as all the fake allusions

That you are happy and just fine
Because I can see through that line

 You say too much about everything
with non-stop pretence and acting

If you are happy, people will know
And I think that it will show
So clear your house of things with me
And you will really be quite free

You owe it to yourself and him
Or else your future is quite dim

So are you over me yet?
Clean up your house, then we bet

For until then, and I can tell
You see me there I know it well

I once was yours but now no more
And it is such a point so sore

That you settled for who you’re with
And make it seem it was your wish

I know better and so do you
Call your bluff, that I won’t do

Just hope that you get over me
Only then can you be free.

13 November 2010

Of 3 Angels

There are days when everything works out so well that you feel so immensely blessed.  Then there are also days when nothing goes right.

Yesterday was one of those days.

I needed transport to Bangsar because I didn't have my car.

Angel 1 sent me there
Angel 1 also paid for my lunch

Feeling good, I then discovered that I left my passport at home

Angel 2 sold off my 2.30 pm ticket
Angel 2 got me a seat on the 4.30 pm bus

Feeling anxious about how to retrieve my passport from home

Angel 3 came to pick me up
Angel 3 sent me back to Bangsar.

Three obstacles and yet everything worked out so well.  Yes, I remembered to thank my lucky stars and also the angels that made everything run so smoothly.  Small blessings are so necessary.

It isn't the first time that people have just appeared, out of nowhere, to help me.  I am truly blessed.

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08 November 2010

Of nicknames

In my lifetime, I've been called many names.  Okay, I'll admit not all of them are endearing but who cares or keeps tabs on that.  Who even wants to remember when you are called terms which are pejoratives.

Today, someone bequeath me with the title of "Queen".  I can't share the "why" of it because it's a private joke.   Somehow it made me happy.  Perhaps it's because of "who" that someone is!  Whatever the reason, I don't care!  It gave me a smile that lasted all day. 

So let me see if I can put here all the nice nicknames that I've been given (in no particular order).

Queen (latest, haha!), Baby, Darling, Honey, Sweetheart, Love, Dear, Princess, Dearie, Girl, Doll, Baby Girl, Baby Doll, Lovey, Sweets, Sweetie, Sweetie Pie, Cutie, Babe, Sugarpie, Angel, Star, Little Star, Gorgeous (hahaha), Hot Stuff, Friend, Precious, Sexy, Yang, Sunshine, Amor, Preciosa, Reyna,  Linda, Querida, Estrella.  

Wah, I'm feeling kinda "high" now.

Sticks and stones 
may break my bones
but names
will never hurt me!

now changed to

Sticks and stones
may break my bones
and nicknames
make me happy! 

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04 November 2010