31 March 2012

Project 366 - Week 13 (March 25 - Mar 31)

March 25 - You can see forever! 

March 26 - Belated surprise gift from Penang! ♥ 

March 27 - I want to learn! :D 

March 28 - The good ones last a lifetime. ♥

March 29 - Blue skies and all things nice. 

March 30 - Exercise Buddy! 

March 31 - Earth Hour (Light from outside). 

24 March 2012

Project 366 - Week 12 (March 18 - Mar 24)

March 18 - When night falls, on my first week in Singapore!
(View outside my back window). 

March 19 - My "lazy Susan" is so "pretty".

March 20 - Braddell MRT all to myself.

March 21 - A rainbow on my birthday. ♥

March 22 - When the storm subsided!

March 23 - Peru is never far from my mind.

March 24 - A view of Toa Payoh View signage. :)

19 March 2012

To forgive, one must forget.

"To forgive is the highest, most beautiful
form of love. In return, you will receive
untold peace and happiness." 
- Dr. Robert Muller

I love talking to people. I should qualify that by adding "especially with the sensible ones". 

Everybody has a story to share. Some stories we will hate and wonder about. Some stories we will like and some we will love. The stories that we love are the ones that trigger some switch in our mind and makes us see things better.  The lesson for me is that in some stories when revenge is the motive for anger and hatred, it is better to walk away.

Unfortunately, some people  want to be friends with you just so they can disagree with everything you say. They just don't know any other way of filling their lives. They grumble about everything you mention but don't ever consider that they can choose to ignore you.

I had a bad experience recently.  I was friends with a couple.  Then "A" got dumped by "B".   "A" surprisingly began claiming that "B" was the most awful person on earth.  "A" found joy in cursing and swearing about "B" in every opportunity.  "A" claimed she was happy to be rid of "B",  but it wasn't enough. "A" had to round up the cavalry for support.  "A" wanted everyone to agree with her that she had suffered unfairly.  I didn't get it.  If someone awful is out of one's life, shouldn't one be glad?  Shouldn't one rejoice, even celebrate?   Why is it so hard to walk away?  Like a moth to a flame, "A" kept going on and on about it.  

Recently, I've learnt that it is a much better thing to remove yourself from a situation that harms your soul and which brings out the bully in you.  I had this person challenging me to remain civil and turning a blind eye to the ever-increasing intrusion into my space.  Every time she found an opportunity, she would jump on it.  For a while, I thought I'd be the bigger person and let her rant and rave.  Soon, I realised that what she really wanted was for me to join her choir.  She wanted me to rant and rave with her.  She wanted me on her side. Sadly for her, I wasn't going to play her game.

In the end, I found myself retaliating one for one.

In the end, I realise that it gave me no joy to be "mean" and "spiteful".  In wanting to win, it became a sin. The sin was allowing this other person to make me be what I am not. 

Tupac Shakur says what I feel perfectly, “You can spend minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months over-analyzing a situation; trying to put the pieces together, justifying what could've, would've happened... or you can just leave the pieces on the floor and move the ....... on.” 

Finally, I decided to move on. Just like that. I did my best to reach her. I tried to be soft. I tried to be hard.    Nothing worked.  Even having a platform to let loose her steam wasn't enough.  I hoped that she would find comfort in knowing I understood. She wasn't interested.    So now, she can continue to preach to her clan.  Sad to say, "I'm done.  She's done.  We're done."

“There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience.”
♡ French Proverb 


Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely.
- Rodin 

and, finally, I'm going to take Dale Carnegie's advice

It isn't what you have,
who you are,
where you are,
or what you are doing
that makes you happy or unhappy.
It's what you think about. 

I forgive her and, now, I'm going to forget her.

(Credit for all pics found on FB)

17 March 2012

Project 366 - Week 11 (Mar 11 - Mar 17)

March 11 - An unexpected surprise gift. I love it.

March 12 - Sing when you are in Singapore! 

March 13 - My new playground. 

March 14 - Love ♥ 

March 15 - Pop goes the weasel!

March 16 - Let's see if I can do it! :)

March 17 - From the 30th floor of the next block! 

10 March 2012

Project 366 - Week 10 (Mar 4 - Mar 10)

March 4 - A surprise for me!

March 5 - Memories are made of these.

March 6 - Yummy Fried Kway Teow can make me smile.

March 7 - As pretty as a picture (of a lovely meal).

March 8 - Chocolate Walnut Cake and Ice-Cream!!!

March 9 - A magical sunset (view from my kitchen balcony)

March 10 - What do I take with me???

08 March 2012

American Idol 2012 - Season 11

Wow   Wow   Wow

I love so many of the finalists this year.   
The judges really did a great job in picking them.  

How How How

Do you choose two to eliminate?
*bites nails*

03 March 2012

Project 366 - Week 9 (Feb 26 - Mar 3)

February 26 - The 2nd Link

February 27 - Saisaki Dinner Date 

February 28 - Fare Thee Well ! 

February 29 - Deactivating Weekday Alarm! :) 

March 1 - My profile picture today, showing how I feel. :) 

March 2 - What is your Secret Recipe??? 

March 3 - Peruvian Farewell Feast
(hosted by ChargĂ© d'Affaires a.i., Carlos Raul Vasquez Corrales)