15 June 2009

Back to Normal and a joke to boot!

I'm feeling great! In fact, I'm feeling a bit sheepish about having blogged about my Sunday Blues. I’m a fraud. I really had no reason to be blue. It was just a case of lethargy. Too much time and nothing to do just got to me. So instead of finding fault with myself, I began to think back of all the times, family or friends made me annoyed. Now, why would anyone want to do something like that! Right, no one! So forgive me my moment of weakness. I shouldn’t have done that.

While it was a conscious act on my part, I do know that it only needed a bit of common sense to neutralise that negativity. I must have given in to temptation. Hahaha.

I’m feeling great again. Happy. Peaceful. Calm.

To prove it, I'm going to share a personal story!

When I first attended the "Anti-I.S.A." vigil, they had placed tee lights on the ground forming this


When I first saw it (I give you my word!), I thought to myself "Number 2 ISA" so what's Number 1?

When it hit me, I was glad I didn't ask anyone at that time. What a laugh it would have been!!!!!!!!

Now this is more like it!


Richard Loh said...

Age is a factor for many type of hallucination. I am turning 55 this coming Father's day and I found myself asking many stupid questions without realizing it.

Simple, yet we cannot comprehend the simplicity, after when we are told about it that we feel stupid.

Well that is part of life degenerating slowly away...lol...

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Richard: I'm afraid it hasnt anything to do with age. Perhaps hormones! hahaha

Thanks for the comment! Oh, age is just a number!


Patricia said...

I'm glad I can see you smiling in this post, sweetie :)

Yes, age is just a number. Some see themselves growing old. I see myself flying free. I know you are part of this gang ;)

Richard, you're welcome to join us. I'm a young 53 this year. So, Lita is the youngest lah!

It's only going to get better!!!


masterwordsmith said...

Hi Lita

:-) Agree it is hormonal then to do with age..but we all grow wiser and stronger in our own ways...:-)

Take care and blessings to you and yours.