12 July 2009

Jared: 23 Years and counting!

For the last 23 years of my life, the one "constant" has always been Jared.

Today as he celebrates his birthday, I know that all the history, the ups and downs, the laughter, the tears, the highs and lows, the good and bad is what makes the chapter with him so incredible.

We parents may think that we created a "being" but the reality is that our creation has it's own mind and will. Very often, we can only be a spectator in that life. We get to have front row seats and we feel everything that is going on but we have to refrain from jumping in to join the act.

So often I hear of parents gushing platitudes about their children or lamenting about them. I might also be guilty of the same thing. Who knows?

It's his birthday. It's a celebration. Not only for him but for me.

Today, it's my turn to think of the superlatives that describe Jared! There are so many. I am, after all, his mom!

However, I'd like to pay him tribute with these:

"He's my anchor". The seas had been rough for me. Jared kept me from drifting.

"He's my rock". Jared has been the reason for working hard all these years.

"He's my "yardstick". I have had to see myself through his eyes.

Finally, "He brings music to my life".

Jared, I love you and I'm really proud of you. The world is a much better place with you in it! God bless you and keep you safe always.

Happy Birthday!


Richard Loh said...

You have fulfill your duty as a mother and parent. You must be proud and singing praises to yourself. A job well done and congratulation. My happy birthday greeting to Jared.

Vayshna said...

Awww...so sweet! =)

Shakun said...

And he's the brother we don't have!!

Stephen Felix Grosse said...

You're the best, Jared John. God bless you my boy.

siedne said...

Nice post!

Jared is an old soul living in a 23-yr-old's body. He's slowly approaching his real age :p

Jared Cheow said...

Born on the 12th of July, 1986 at 1:17pm. Year of the Tiger.


The Cancerian Tiger is a romantic individual who is sensitive and tenderhearted. This character needs a loving, honest relationship to thrive.

The Fire Tiger.

Eccentric and dramatic, Fire Tigers are aglow with passion and verve. They are outgoing, expressive and look on the bright side of things. They have the Tiger’s natural ability to lead others and are able to excite others simply with their own gift of enthusiasm. They can be funny and have great senses of humor. Tigers are powerful speakers and have the ability to command and persuade crowds through speech. Their own seemingly endless supply of energy can make them appear a bit dramatic, and it may make them more sensitive to cautious or down-to-earth approaches in others


Courage, Vehemence, Self-Reliance, Friendliness, Hopefulness, Resilience, Vanity, Disregard


Actors - charades

Comedians - you should check me out

Chauffeurs - my job?

Musicians - my blood

Race Car Drivers - off day

Pilots - part of my job

Artists - musically

Writers - jokes?

Flight Attendants - i did catering before on-ground...

Travel Agents - I can give you directions in Penang, Malacca and Langkawi =]

Advertising Agents - I drive a big purple car for a radio station =]

Tiger (Jared) & Rabbit (Denise)

This is another good match. =]

Now for a little something for my mom.


There can be no one who will replace you, no one else can ever love, touch, COOK! like you do. Through the years that have come and gone, never once have I felt alone, you were always there, when life was not fair.

At first, all I thought were nonsense, You taught me well with your words and actions. It seems funny without the other two, this part will make people go "Who?" =]

It's my dad and Eric, my brother. whom I wished I got to know much better, such little time we had together as a family, yet we both show so much unity. Leave your troubles to rest, as God decides best. such are words which cannot be forgotten. one day we'll see them in heaven.

In other words, this day 23years ago was the day of my birth. I could not have been more blessed than to know that I am loved....

I love you nanai...

"You're the meaning in my life, you're my inspiration - Chicago"

My sisters - Shakun & Vayshna
My father - Stephen Felix Grosse

Thank you and love you.

Jared Cheow

Patricia said...

This is beautiful - both your tribute to him, and his reply - and something you both can cherish forever.

Bear-hugs to both of you.


TheWhisperer said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Jared.

Drink is on me tonight at the Wharf

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Yang: I'll take a rain check on that offer on another day and on behalf of Jared! :)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Richard, Vayshna, Shakun, Stephen, Siedne, Jared and Pat:

Hugs to all of you. ;)