18 November 2009

Ignorance is bliss

This is just a short rant!

Every workday, I drive along the Old Airport Road, enter the Smart Tunnel, and exit at Tun Razak Road. Usually I head straight for the underpass along with all the motorists that come via Sungei Besi and the Maju Expressway. 5 lanes squeeze into the 3 lanes which make the rush hour traffic heavy and sometimes painfully slow. Add to this, the motorcycles who are NOT permitted to use the underpass and you have an accident waiting to happen.

Well, not that the motorcyclists should be faulted but I’ve noticed if you signal to change lanes, these motorcyclists horn you as if to say, “Stay in your lane”, I’m passing by”. Although they have no right to be in that underpass or tunnel or whatever you want to call it, they ride by all the NO MOTORCYLES signs without a care in the world and they have the audacity to blare their horns at you if you get in their way.


I’m not a snob. If I ride a motorbike, I’d adhere to the rules. I won’t drive in the motorcycle lanes and the motorcycles shouldn’t drive where they are not supposed to.

It’s simple really. Either remove those signs (and there are many of them) going into and out of KL or enforce the rule.

It’s a mandatory road sign which ALL motorcyclists are now oblivious to.


Patricia said...

I don't like motorcyclists. Too many behave like they own the roads, and drive like it's our mission is to drive carefully and keep them safe. Never mind that they behave like you say here.

Sometimes, I'm so riled, I'd like to be in a Humvee and mow them down!

Yes, this brought out the devil in me :(

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Pat: You definitely are a faithful friend and follower. Sometimes I think that no one reads my blog anymore because I've become too busy or lazy to update frequently.

You always give me the little nudge with your kind and intelligent comments.

Thank you for that, love!

(Now I'll go look for a Humvee aso I can sit by your side, okay!) See what you made me think! heh heh heh