16 December 2009

Christmas is for the children

I began my christmas work at home in mid-November. I usually take my time to take out the seven boxes of stuff. This doesn't include the Christmas tree or the nativity set. It takes me about two to three weeks to remove all the other things, dust and then re-arrange the hundreds of christmas decorations that I have.

This year, I'd given away about one-third of my things. I'm a true-blue Christmas shopper. I can't resist buying new things even when I already have so many. Despite, trimming down the trimmings, it still took a lot of my evenings and nights to get the home ready for Christmas.

Experience has taught me that an investment in a fibre-optic tree cuts down stress and unnecessary time to first, test the lights and then, nicely drape the tree. So for the last two years, I really enjoyed just taking out the tree, plugging it in and "voila", the lights work fine!!!!!

By the way, my Uncle Ralph sent this to me and it's really hilarious. The picture is worth a thousand words.

So why exactly does anyone do up the house for Christmas?

In my case, I do it for my child. And I will do it for my grandchildren, when that time comes.

Since I shuttle between KL and Singapore, and usually spend my Christmas down south, I hardly ever get to enjoy the eve of Christmas at home with the lights aglow and seeing all the presents under the tree. However, even when I am not home, I know that my son will have a home decorated, literally with love, for Christmas. I know that he will know how much of my time and energy had gone into transforming the entire house for him for Christmas. That is my reward. The bonus is when he tells me his friends visit and marvel at the total Christmas look.

Even the neighbours that I hardly know, stop, smile and ask if they can come in to have a look. They've said that it looks like Santa lived here. One year, when I had gone overboard, I was told that the living room looked like a Christmas shop at the mall, with all the tiny knick knacks and poinsettias everywhere. I've mellowed since then!

Christmas is for the children. Without them, the whole celebration is just another event for adults.

Christmas is also about remembering Christ. He is the reason for the season.

When I kena the lottery, I'm going to buy the biggest fibre-optic tree for my friend, Stephen Francis!


Patricia said...

I loved this post, Lita! And I'd love to see your little home-away-from-home for Santa!!! ;)

Yes, Christmas is for the children. But in getting it all shiny and red and green for them, doesn't some of their joy and happiness rub off on us? That's the bonus for me, too.

My tree is up this year, thanks to Larnee and William. I sat and said helpful things like, 'there's nothing there...' and they'd try to fill the space with a bauble or two!

Early next week, I'll bake a fruitcake, and that will add to the christmassy feel and smell!

Merry Christmas, my dear friend.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Pat, You always say nice things to me. Well, you can come over anytime! Those pics were taken at night with the soft light on and so it looks warm and inviting.

The cold, hard light of day gives the home a different look. Still pretty to look at but doesn't have that glow.

It's so true, the joy and happiness does trickle down to the soul.

When I have an oven, I'm going to bake too!!!!

An enormous hug coming up for you when I see you!!!!

Oldstock said...

Hi Estrelita,

I've been to this blog a couple of times but only now just thought of something to comment. I was in Singapore last weekend and took the opportunity to drive down Orchard Rd to have a look at the Christmas lights. It was beautiful.

Wishing you a lovely Christmas this year.

BTW, that pic by your Uncle Ralph is funny!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Hey Oldstock, It's nice to know you come by. I'm like you, in that I also visit some sites regularly but don't put any comment. However, it is nice when people do take the trouble to drop a line or two.

I'm going to Orchard Road to soak in the lights tonight or tomorrow. I'll post some pictures too if it's not raining and I can take some good ones.

Thank you for your wishes. The same for you today!

Yep, that pic U/Ralph sent me is so funny. I'm sure those neighbours with the lights didn't think so!

Anonymous said...

Quote: "I'm a true-blue Christmas shopper. I can't resist buying new things"

That's the spirit. We need shoppers like you to lift the global economy :)

Quote: "Experience has taught me that an investment in a fibre-optic tree cuts down stress and unnecessary time ..."

P/S Someone here has started renting out real-live Christmas trees (in pots) for the season. The rationale is that it is even better for the environment. The (unenvironmental) alternative was to chop down real trees. After the season they're sent to be ground up into wood chips. Perhaps the rent-a-tree business will come you way next year.

Have a very Merry Christmas :)

siedne said...

I can attest to your home looking like it is cut out of a magazine! In fact, I'm too afraid to sit in the living room, in case I mess things up :p Love it!

Eric said...

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Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Adirya, Christmas was merry! So far nothing has made me too sad to ever not enjoy it. Even painful losses were dulled by the joy of Christmas.

People may "tut tut tut" me for saying so, but I believe it's a legitimate reason to smile again.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Siedne, You are a girl after my heart. There's nothing better than a real life witness! Bless your heart for the comment.

In my mind, I can still see you cracking nuts and eating them! lol

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Eric, Thank you for your kind words. Do visit again!

Compliments of the season to you!!