18 January 2010

Believe!! It's as simple as that!



There's been a change of speakers. al-Mustaqeem and Goh Keat Peng regretfully cannot attend the KL Roadshow. Instead, lawyer Jahaberdeen Mohd Yunoos and Pastor Sivin Kit will take their slots in the key message Human Beings, Born Free and Equal.

Remember to register. Details in graphics above.


Saya Anak Bangsa Malaysia will be taking its second Roadshow and Forum to the Klang Valley. This comes at a time when the nation needs to be reminded most about the Malaysian Project.

We have cruised into uncharted territory, into a demented landscape where firebombs take precedence over matured dialogue. We have to stand and take that test.

Based on five key messages, the half-day forum will lay bare the basis of this nation and its people. It will delve into the founding of this country, recognise our other Merdeka fighters, and provide clues about why we are the way we are - divided.

We will check with biting facts if our nation has been on the right track or are we a nation in distress.

We will ask why, of course. Here, mirrors may be of help.

We will talk about power and control. Not at the ethers of political office, but at the commons where you and I dwell. We will talk about Rakyat.

Mostly, we'll talk about Malaysia, moreso the dire need to now walk.

And why you just have to - first and foremost - believe.


Details are in the banner above. You will need to register to attend this event.

Believe instead - SABM Klang Valley Roadshow

Date: Jan 23, 2010 (Saturday)

Time: 2pm-7pm

Venue: KL-Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall

To register, call +603-2095 0435 (Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia, Wed-Sun 12noon-7pm) or email events(at)sayaanakbangsamalaysia.net

Note: This is just promo material taken from the SABM Site. I am sorry if I did not mention this earlier.

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