30 June 2010

Of the World Cup, Women and Work

Of the World Cup

I've always loved football. So the World Cup is something I look forward to following. This time, though, I am watching it alone, most of the time. It's not all bad since there's a mamak stall close enough for me to hear them roar when any team scores or misses. It always makes me smile when they do. I'm sure the non-football fans will be cursing and swearing at them. I've followed most of the live matches if they were on at a decent hour.

I'm supporting Uruguay. They are doing fine, so far. They'll play Ghana on Saturday, 2 July 2010 at 2.30 am. I shall be in Singapore and I hope to catch the game, that is if I can stay up.
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I'm not a die-hard football fan but I've been to the Shah Alam stadium when Selangor played. The craziest thing I did was to watch the FIFA World Youth Championship in 1997. Two games in a row, which means about 3 hours of football. Argentina beat Uruguay for 1st place and Ireland beat Ghana for 3rd place. Those were the days!

Of Women
On a totally different note, sometimes I wonder why some women give us women a bad name. Do they do so because they don't know they are doing it or is it because they are just plain ignorant?

vintage bitch Pictures, Images and PhotosSome years ago, a married male friend of mine called me to say that I shouldn't contact him anymore because his wife (also my friend) imagined we were having an affair. I was just flabbergasted. In the first place, I had not been in touch with this guy and had perhaps seen him only once or twice over a span of 8 or 9 years. In the second place, there had never been any chemistry between us. Not when we were both unmarried and certainly not when we found our own loves. How could this woman jump to this conclusion? What made her fight with her husband to the point of talking about divorce?

I just don't get it. The "affair" never existed and her husband was innocent. Yet she insisted and made his life miserable based on unfounded suspicions.

I could hear the pain in his voice when he told me. Much as I wanted to be a good friend and make things better for him, this was just one of those times when you just had to take a step back and walk away.
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Why I remember this now? Something I saw online made me remember. I wonder if life is wasted when there is no peace of mind. I cannot believe that she had spent so many years of her married life being suspicious of something that never was. Crazy indeed!

Of Work
On 24 June 2010, I reached the 18th year anniversary at work. It's a great milestone. My previous record was 10 years in another organisation. Yeah, I'm into long-lasting relationships, both on a personal and professional level! I wonder if I'll make it to 20 years. Now that would be something to celebrate.  
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There is a sense of achievement at having worked for almost all of my adult life. It's nice to look back and recognise the wonderful experiences that have made me who I am today.


Royalshoppingarcade said...

I've just hopped over from Kak Teh's blog.Eh wait, now I don't remember how I arrived at your blog;let's call it Blozzy(blog dizzy);dizzy from hopping from one blog to another or shld we call it blopzzy.Anyway,your blog is a good read will continue reading it later.Happy World Cupping.hahaha..

Pat said...

I'm not a football fan, but I was, a lonnnng time ago. In fact, in the last World Cup I followed, Germany won! I think it was in the mid-seventies.

Last week, when England played Germany, I heard Larnee and my mum screaming downstairs! I was asleep, but I remember waking up and smiling, and wondering if England was doing well - or were they shouting in agony??!

The next day, I found out! Hahahah!

About other women giving us a bad name: here's something from the 'other' side: I have an old, old friend (in terms of years of friendship - I've known him from the time I was 15, he 17) and he calls me up once in a while, and we talk. BUT, he's never told his wife about me. I only just found out - and it leaves me feeling icky. You know? Cos, why ever not?

He says she won't 'understand'. Understand what?

Something for you to think about - and tell me what you think!

Johan H said...

Hi Lita, most women I know treat the world cup as a nuisance because of what it does to their husbands so you definitely stand out on that one, lol. Btw did you notice that the 'piala' of the world cup isn't actually a cup? Its more like a midget baseball bat, hahaha.

Talking about South America do they have llamas where you work? For some strange reason I'm visited by two-headed llamas in my nightmares quite often - a smiling head at each end of the body, lol.

STEEST said...


I like your stuff. I'm going to browse through later.
Thanks for dropping by! :)

STEEST said...


You learn something new about a friend every once in a while huh! Well, I kinda sorta love football. It's the struggle, the fight and the team work that works for me. Okay, I love it. :)

And about the other women thingy, whoa, I so get why he's never told his wife. She really wouldn't undertstand. This calls for an email! And it' coming right up, later tonight. :D

STEEST said...

Johan, I know its more the exception than the norm but there are many of us out there. We walk among you! ahahhhaha Tried to make that a bit "X-filish".

And about the llamas, I work in a blue glass building with hardly any fodder available. My guess is that the llamas died together with the dinosaurs a long long time ago. However, I hear they are thriving in Peru and in the dreams of some Malaysian guy in Sungai Buloh. :-P