01 February 2011

A hair wash, massage and blowdry

I don't know about other hair salons but the one I regularly go to, gives about 20 minutes of massage, in between washing your hair.  I just came back from visiting my favourite salon and timed each session.
15 minutes shampoo and head massage with light scratching
25 minutes massage (neck, back and upper arms)
10 minutes shampoo and head massage again
5 minutes hair rinsing and conditioning
10 minutes blowdry (my hair is medium length)

Cost:  RM21.00 (includes some extra conditioning stuff)

That's dirt cheap, if you ask me.  However, I always tip the girl who attends to me.
Most times when the place is crowded, the massage may only take 20 minutes.  Today, I guess I got an extra 5 minutes because it wasn't full.

I've had my hair washed in many places, including in Singapore.  I have tried all the different salons in Toa Payoh.  Including the ones that I've been to here in Kuala Lumpur, none give this extra service. 

Of course, the girls are not experts but they know enough to help you feel relaxed and I believe this is good for the blood circulation.  It's a quick fix for a hard day at work or home.  

I feel rejuvenated now.  *big smile of satisfaction*

If only they had a manicure and pedicure on the side.  Well, can't have everything, I say!

So if you are interested, let me know and we can make a date.  They are closed over the Chinese New Year holidays and reopen on 6 February 2011.  P.S.  wear a loose teeshirt for better service!  LOL!

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Pat said...

Let's make a date, then! I like :)

Gong Xi Fa Chai!

STEEST said...


Yes, it would be great to make a date for this.

After New Year lah.

siedne said...

They don't do the same here :( The washing hair part is so cincai and no massage. Takes them 10 mins at the most to wash hair. Boo.

STEEST said...


I guess this is only at where I live. I haven't had the benefit of a 20 minute massage at any other place.

My girlfriend in Australia says it takes them only 2 minutes to wash the hair. So you have 8 minutes more! :)

aida said...

tell me the name of the salon pls and where?if u are around mont kiara area do go to my friend's salon.it's called modish salon next to garden international school.ashley will ask the shampoo girl to massage u as well.

STEEST said...

Hi Aida

It's one of those typical Chinese hair salons and it's called Sar Lok May. I don't know what that means, though.

When I am next in Mont Kiara, I'm going to look for Ashley. Yay!

Thanks for the tip!

_NeS1120 said...

Hi~ i've been looking for a hair salon that provide hair wash, massage and blowdry~ can i know where is location of this salon? =)

thanks! =)

STEEST said...


Thanks for your visit. ;)

The location is in Kuala Lumpur and I see you are in Johore Bahru. ;(

If you do make a trip here, then let me know. :D

_NeS1120 said...

hi =)

i'm from johore Bahru but i'm study in Kuala Lumpur =)

Can i know the exalt location? I've google about Sar Lok May but cant really find it :(

Thanks for the information. ^^

STEEST said...

Hi Nes1120

The address is

37 Jalan Seri Sentosa 11A (11A/133)
Taman Seri Sentosa
Jalan Kelang Lama
58000 Kuala Lumpur

Let me know if you find it.


_NeS1120 said...

hey ^^

thanks alot ya~
i'll drop by one day~ =)