21 March 2011

Happy Birthday to me!

I want to share some of the birthday greetings sent to me on Facebook and also to keep them here as a remembrance.

From Hani Ibrahim
hope u enjoy the song. Happy birthday, Lita!

From Mel
Hello hello Aunty Lita! :D Happy birthday! May roses bloom wherever you roam! ♥

From Rhett
Feliz cumpleaños a tí Little star .... have a great birthday!! [hope I got that right...:)]

From Sun Line
Goodmorning Facebookers! It's my buddy Estrelita Soliano Grosse's birthday and let's hope it, hallulujah, rains men for her today~ :-)

From Roselyn

What a wonderful day filled with love and wishes from so many.  Wish I could them all here but there were just too many. *big smile*

Thank you for all the love everyone.  Thank you so much.


Small Kucing said...

Happy Birthday :D

Antares said...

A bit mystified by your previous post. You seem to have disabled comments on the glass houses quote. Was going to say: "If you live in a glass house, and walk around in your birthday suit even when it isn't your birthday, your neighbors will probably mistake you for an aquarium fish."

STEEST said...

Small Kucing,

Terima kasih.

STEEST said...

Antares, my dear

Mystified, are we?
None more than me!

They live in a glass house
They always have a grouse

It makes me smile to think
I'm living on the brink

I've secrets I won't tell
Who cares, if they're in hell!


Love ya, Sweetheat, you pop up in the most unlikely posts!

Crankster said...

Happy birthday Lita!

STEEST said...


Thanks, doll! :)

joshua said...

Heh. I missed it but still not too late to wish you a fantastically love-filled year.


STEEST said...


It's never too late to send a sincere greeting.

Thank you so much for the lovely wish.