16 September 2011

Malaysia Day at RABM

“People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing - that's why we recommend it daily.”, said Zig Ziglar.

I now understand what he means.

When SABM had their launching two years ago today, I was all fired up and eager to go. Somehow, that didn't translate into anything. Not all the time and energy I thought I would commit materialised into what my heart and head had hoped to do.

Motivation doesn't last and Ziglar hit the nail on the head when he said that we need daily doses. 

There's something special about rubbing shoulders with fellow Malaysians. It holds a kind of magic that transports the mind to a special place where dreams of a better Malaysia seem to be within one's grasp.

I am a full-blooded and able-bodied Malaysian and I haven't lost hope for Anak Bangsa Malaysia. As I sit here with their little black souvenir booklet in my hand, I feel the stirrings. I feel the struggle. I feel the pride. I feel the tears stinging my eyes.  

There is hope.

Some pictures from the gathering can be seen here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks a million Lita for your presence, support and wonderful photos.

" The People, United will never be Defeated."

Jaya {SABM}

STEEST said...


The pleasure was all mine.

I had a great time. It was educational, enjoyable and entertaining.

Memorable night, indeed. :)

patrickng said...

HappY MalaYsiA DaY!!