10 December 2011

#5 Of What Makes me Smile

I was at Starbucks, KLCC grabbing a bite and enjoying my Caramel Macchiato.  While texting and halfway through my drink, the waitress asked me if some other people could join me because I was alone.  Of course, I agreed.

The table was a small one with only three chairs.  When I turned around to see who would share my table, it was a married couple with a little girl.

In Singapore, it's pretty common to share tables but in Malaysia, it is not a common practice.

Anyway, the little girl took a seat and her daddy told her she had to sit on his lap.  She obediently agreed although I could see that she wanted to have her own chair.

I quickly 'yam seng-ed" my drink and moved off.  The mommy apologised that I had to rush but I told her I was going off and not to worry.

As I moved off and hovered just by the side of the outlet, texting some friends, she came over to me with the little gift (picture above).

I was so taken by surprise.  Well, blow me over!!!!  A random act of kindness and I was the recipient!!!

I asked her if I could give her a hug and she accepted.

This really made me smile.  Now when I am home and I see it again, I am smiling again.


Small Kucing said...

It's certainly a nice gestures from the parents and the little girl. :)


Oh what a nice story Aunty Lita!!! This makes me happy too! I'm feeling particularly happy today for no reason at all, which is also a nice thing :) Oh and how i love caramel macchiato ;)

Oldstock said...

This is wonderful. There are still nice people in this world.

STEEST said...

Small Kucing

These things tough the heart in such a special way.

The same way that you find the time and make the effort to comment.

Thank you. :D

STEEST said...


Thank you, dear. It gave me a bounce in my step and made me smile a lot.

This refreshes my faith in 'random acts of kindness'.

Usually, I am the one who makes the effort to surprise people.

I have to say this surprised me.

Godiva chocolates, I tell ya!!!!

Yup, I'm craving the caramel macchiato now.

STEEST said...


Yes, it is certainly wonderful.

I believe there are many nice people out there but our culture hinders us from being spontaneous.

Thanks for dropping by. :)

Antares said...

That's it. if we wish to attain true spontaneity and unforced exuberance, we'll have to import more Latino and African DNA. I've already applied to MITI for a licence... just waiting to hear how much commission they want.

joshua said...


You reaped what you sowed real fast!

LC Teh said...

Nice things happen to nice people...

STEEST said...

You write the most original and brilliant stuff. MITI, LOL!

xoxo :D

STEEST said...


In hindsight, that's right and it's really kind of you to say so.

Hugs for that!!! :D

STEEST said...

LC Teh

Yeah, I think so. Sometimes I forget that I am a nice person. LOL

Hugs for you too!

CarolinaMoon said...

Proud to have a friend like you, Lita...one kind deed deserves another!!!

Pat said...

Random Acts of Kindness just blow me away! Every time they happen. And how wonderful that it happened to you. Nice!


A caramel macchiato is what I get there as well! When shall we go get us a couple together, eh?

STEEST said...


That is very kind of you. :D

STEEST said...


A Caramel Macchiato date it will be!

When? We'll sort it out.

Love ya

BravoEagleHotel said...

It is just so nice to see smiles all around when we give way when driving ... Merry Xmas

motherchell said...

Merry Christmas my dear,
For your rapture and delight of the smiles you share on this very special day, may i dedicate Shiller's Atemlos at the 06.56min. to you !


To wish you joy and everything splendid for all that you are.

Bless you always my dear.

STEEST said...


Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you.

STEEST said...


Thanks so much and wishing you joy in abundance for 2012.