23 May 2012

Phillip or Jessica?

So who will it be?  

Almost every fan of American Idol is sure of who the winner will be.  For me, it's been Phillip from the beginning.

There's something he has, that's different.  An "X" factor that Jessica lacks.  Yes, she can sing.  I don't dispute that.  So can Philip and he's an original.  We haven't seen anyone the likes of him ever.

It's anybody's guess if he will win but I hope that he does.  It would be nice to see his reaction.

Plus I have a teh tarik and roti canai riding on my hunch.


Pat said...

He has been my favourite, too - right from the time I saw him at his audition.

I agree: he is the better singer.

I'm so not into the Whitney Houston kinda singer lah - and that's how I see Jessica. She's good, no denying that.

But, she's nowhere near how good, and real, he is.

Bernard Morais said...

You took the words out of my mouth...except it should read Jessica wherever Phillip is mentioned!! No teh tarik & roti canai this time...try again next year!! Hehe..