18 September 2008

First things First

I always knew that I would begin blogging one day. To those people who believed I would, a note of thanks is in order. It's their belief in me that prompted me to publish this blog.

When I heard about blogging, I did not imagine how many thousands of people blog each day. I admire their dedication and commitment. I am not so sure if I will be able to do likewise.

My dearest friends will probably expect me to highlight my political inclinations. Sorry to disappoint, as I plan to use this platform to share a bit of the manifold aspects of my life.

Give me a bit of time to warm up and soon I'll get the hang of it.

To my beloved husband, Stephen Grosse: I finally got around to doing it!

To my beloved son, Jared Cheow: Surprise! Surprise!

To my beloved friend, Ivy Yap: No surprise for you, I'm sure!

To my beloved Denise Chin and Matthew Ong: Your blogs inspired me! (Your blogs and those of the many hundreds that I chance upon in the cyberworld.)

To my beloved future fans: Keep coming back to check my space!


Stephen said...

You have arrived. Finally. Now let's show them, what blogging is all about. Cheers.

Siedne said...

Yay!! Welcome, welcome to the other side of the blogging world - the blogger's side! Looking fwd to your insights :)

Ivy said...

Of course I was surprised!Surprised that from the time I last was with you today and the time you started this blog (5 ½ hours ago) you did not give me the teeniest, weeniest and meeniest clue that you were going to do it and the best part here is …. I was pleasantly surprised and undeniably honored to be in your `PREFACE’ (`mas o menos, algo asi’ hee hee hee hee). Congratulations, my dear friend. I am very happy that you started it, and also because now I know that when I don’t get to see and listen to you in person, I will still be able to get inside your mind for your opinion and perspective of many things that we talk about so often, in fact on a daily basis; news, rumours and most of all gossips. Three cheers for my friend, Lita … Hip! Hip! Hooray! Hip! Hip! Hooray! Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Jenniefer said...

Haha...lovely!!! Now that u're blogging u actually get me to the blogging mood. Please feel free to read my blogs in http://diannegalistan.blogspot.com/

Take care n love u!

Vayshna said...

Join the gang!! hehe...I too recently started a blog of my own!! haha...my address is buhay-ko-araw-araw.blogspot.com though i don't really update often but you can still go and check it out. Now that akah sees that you and I have a blog, she feels like starting one of her own too!! hahaha...

Mel and Sham said...

Hi there! Chaned upon your blog from Denise's.

Keep em coming!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Dear Mel and Sham,
Thanks for the support. Still groping in the dark but at least I know how to publish the posting.

Appreciate the encouragement.

Do come back again!

Hugs, love and loads of thanks
for your visit!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

To Stephen, Denise, Ivy, Jennie Gurl and Vayshna,

Thanks for coming by. Still a long way to go but I've taken the first step.

Come back often to check my site okay.

With love and prayers

Michael Song said...

welcome to the blogosphere. I found you when u linked me. thanks and cheers!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Hi Michael, Thanks for dropping by. Yes, I enjoyed your blog and wanted to follow up when you update, so I added you to my blogroll.

Your latest one is a great reminder to all about spelling!