21 September 2008

Unfulfilling Relationship

This is my experience of having been in an unfulfilling relationship. Not the husband/wife type! The moral of my story is just to share the outcome.

Not so long ago, I had a very, very difficult boss. Most mornings, I woke up feeling dread and anxiety because I had to go to work. I asked the Lord why I had to endure such a mean spirited person after having already suffered two painful tragedies. Had I not suffered enough, I asked Him? Then I felt that God wanted to teach me tolerance and patience. "Okay", I said to myself. I will go through the agony of working with this man and I will do it for God. I will work for God's glory. So with gritted teeth, I trudged on. Each time, I had to lean more and more on God but very often also felt so frustrated. I told Him, "I'm tolerant now, I'm patient already, how long is this lesson going to last?". Then, I heard a small voice telling me to pray for my boss. I was like "What?". I was defiant and felt, "no way, lah". I rather bear the hardship than pray for this wicked man.

But eventually, I did start to pray for my boss, I asked God to bless him and I did get to feel better. Not that he had changed, but that I had. I found that God did really want to break my stubborn will.

Today, I am blessed with a wonderful boss. Now I cannot even remember the difficult times I went through. I am so thankful that God touched my life and saw me through the lessons I so badly needed to make me what I am today.

We need to remember to accept each challenge with prayer, with faith and with trust that God in His infinite wisdom knows our every struggle. The bible says "God's Grace is sufficient". We need to hold on to this truth, this promise that it is indeed enough.

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