11 January 2009

PJ Vigil 02/2009 (14th) Full Moon & Full Force

Tonight, in the astrological world, is the "full moon in Capricorn". I am not a believer of astrology so for me, it is just a beautiful moonlit Sunday night! I did grow up with stories of the werewolf (a person who changes into a wolf in mythology, when the moon is full). So yeah, I did feel a little scared when I was little but not anymore!!!!!

Sorry about going off on a tangent there! Let me start again.
Tonight, in the real world, as has been happening for the last 14 Sundays, a gathering of peace-loving Malaysians met, to say “hello”, to shake hands, to give bear hugs, to exchange ideas, to champion a cause they believe in and finally, to proudly sing the national anthem before dispersing to another venue or home or a “teh tarik” or whatever. Sad to say, this gathering had been deemed an illegal gathering for reasons quite vague to me.
It seems to me that there is an unmistakeable shadow of fear, known only to the “powers that be”, with regard to our Sunday gatherings. What exactly are we doing that frightens them so? I’d really like to know!
(pic taken from kkitsam)
Although I will have to give them credit for not charging in, their sheer numbers do resurrect loads of questions about why they see us as their enemies. I believe that we are only doing what our conscience tells us to do. Is that a crime these days? I really need to know.
Sorry that some of the pictures are so blurred tonight. My HP camera is only good for close-up shots. But what was there to take when the vigil lasted less than half an hour. However, I am glad that I did manage to get a few pictures of tonight’s vigil!
A very special credit must go to Blogger delCapo for rising up to the challenge of leading tonight’s vigil with much aplomb. Also to James N for being second chair!
Extra special recognition to the rakyat, who were present tonight, who came from near and far, who stood proud together and who adhered to the police warning to leave and who bravely sang the national anthem before dispersing peacefully.
Finally, it would be remiss of me not to mention “what looked like the entire PJ Balai Polis” who apparently walked to MBPJ to advise us that we had five minutes to disperse, failing which, they would have to take further action. I cannot depend totally on my knowledge of Bahasa Malaysia but this is what I gathered from his warning. I did appreciate the fact that we were permitted to leave without undue harassment. Kudos also to the FRU who came out in full-force, on the main road, with their batons and their shields, and who were, just as quickly, sent away when it was obvious they were no longer needed.
(pic taken from kkitsam)

Whatever their reasons are, we do not know. We only have our reason for being there. It's clear to all of us. We pray and hope that the I.S.A. will be abolished. No hidden agenda, just plain and simple.

As it is not illegal to gather in a coffee shop, we met in smaller groups after watching the police parade returning to the Balai. Although they all looked quite spiffy in their uniforms, it appeared they were all dressed up with nowhere to go!

I am so glad that the night ended without any untoward incident. Before I end this post, I want to share this very interesting quotation:
We can believe what we choose. We are answerable for what we choose to believe.
John Henry Newman (1801-1890)Cleric and theologian

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We will request MBPJ, MPs and ADUNs and the Selangor State government for their response. They have given us permission to use said venue. Why did not they arrange for our security from intruders. We were there legally with the permission of the Selangor Govt authorities, based on our aims and objectives. WHY NO PROTECTION FOR ANAK BANGSA MALAYSIA from Selangor and elsewhere, when we are standing for the ANTI-ISA position taken by the Selangor Pakatan State Govt and the Wakil-wakil Rakyat. Some answers must come forth.

Anonymous said...

when those MAFIAs come in, i'm glad no untoward incidence occurs. At least we finished it with our usual Negaraku, but it gets me more raring to go for the coming sunday!

Anonymous said...

Maybe the full moon last nite turned the police into werewolf...

The myth must be true somehow...

Jarod said...

Selangor Government and Federal Government are 2 different Government. Just like our Double Standard Government. So Like what RPK said, we have two sets of rules.

Oh well LIta, really admire your consistency for this Vigil.

I am more or less lost my zest for Vigils. haha! no worries. Just busy. Be back when I am able. TC!

Robert said...

Hi Lita

Another good job accomplished.
They say that adrenalin helps to harden the arterial wall. Well, from last night's heart pounding - believe me, I didnt will it, it just beat faster like a war drum - my arteries harden by another notch. At least if I die now, it wont be from fear, but from a heart attack, no?
See you next week for more camaraderie. Hope this time our sanctuary wont be swarmed by pests.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

AFP RESOURCES: It's good to know that the matter is being given attention.

Yes, you are absolutely right that "FOR EVIL TO SUCCEED, IT IS ENOUGH THE GOOD DO NOTHING!" :)

kkitsam: Overall, I am glad that no one got taken in and that all of us were able to leave peacefully. Yup, I agree that their scare tactics is not a deterrent for most of us! :)

anjiun: That's a cute comment. Made me smile a long time after reading it! :)

Jarod: Oh Jarod, it is nothing much. I've been very busy too but it is nice to have a break and do something meaningful with my life at least once a week!

Will wait for your return with open arms! ;)

Robert: I'm glad we got the chance to interact a bit more, after the rude intrusion!!

Yeah, I'm looking forward to seeing you next week too! :)

dC said...

A great post, as always.

thx for the kind words, madam... it was teamwork. WE held it together.

Peace prevailed... thats paramount.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

dC: So humble! Goes with your profile - quiet strength! :)

Pat Lu said...

View the videos of the 14th PJ Vigil at

peng said...

Lita, the people's efforts are not in vain. This is evident in the action taken by the 'powers-to-be'. I am actually amused (besides being frustrated) with this recent 'show of force'. 150 police with batons and gears vs. 100-odd peaceful harmless people! Imagine if our nation is really at war, what they will do to the real enemies! Keep it up Lita and all the kind people out there!

Speak Up Malaysia said...

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Article 10 (1B), Constitution of Malaysia

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Pat Lu: Thanks for all that you do and also for adding stuff here for my readers to check out! :)

peng: Hello, we've missed you and hope to see you again one day soon. We get our strength from people like you who cheer us on! :)

Speak Up Malaysia: Thanks very much for the info. I'm going to save it and study it!

I'm sure all those who check my blog will find this so useful. :)