22 October 2009

Beyond Beyoncé

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I’m going to join the many that have already touched on the cancellation of Beyoncé’s concert. Like those who have written, I’m not a particular fan of Beyoncé. If you asked me about her songs, I’d really have to think long and hard about it. Oh, okay, now I remember one of them, “Irreplaceable”.

The reason for this post is just to share a perspective about it.

I have three Muslim brothers. Two are married and one is single. Their ages range from early-thirties to mid-forties. As far as I can tell, neither of them would be affected by the singer because of her dressing. Not even if they were still young and impressionable, would I imagine them to be stimulated by her gyrations or scanty dressing.

Oh gosh, this type of publicity does little or nothing to help the image of Muslim men. Are they not able to face temptation (if any) and walk away? Why are they being portrayed as weak-willed and easily influenced (read aroused) by someone with a lovely body who can shake her booty?

What hope is there for Muslim men to find any partner, if women are being brainwashed into thinking that they would not be able to control their desires because someone is singing and dancing on stage? Sheesh!

So let’s get real. We see Beyoncé on MTV, in magazines and in movies. What makes a concert different? Why do we send out this message that the mindset of the male Muslim fraternity is so pathetic and has to be watched over so rigidly?

The authority that blows hot and cold over these tiny, irrelevant issues is mind boggling!

Exceptional! Yes. Unmatched! Yes. Unique! Yes. Only in Malaysia! Yes.


Patricia said...

Exactly! How weak are you that the sight of one over-developed woman can melt your reserve, crush your religious mettle, and send you scampering over the stage, salivating, to get at her?!


You've said it all, Lita.

We are a sad, sad people!

Anonymous said...

Did you know how many people would be jobless, if they are not policing our moral standards???

Pedro Garcia Millan said...

beyonce is a clown!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Pedro: Much too harsh, I think! Nevertheless, thanks for your comment.

Johan H said...

Beyonce too racy? Wait till you see Gaga's music videos. ;-) Long live Gaga!

Ha ha, what is a concert ban when you can get explicit stuff online. Anyway as a man, when I was working, know what my male circle of friends were obsessed with? 10% money, 10% food, 10% sports, 70% women's vital parts. The last bit was mostly for show, to assure their friends (and probably themselves) that they are 100% male. Any suspicion that you're not 100% will kill your social life. That's how insecure we can be.

When other men are not looking, know what my friends are obsessed with? 50% money, 30% food, 15% sports, 5% women. If I introduced a voluptuous girl to one of them at a bar, believe me, he probably wouldn't have the slightest idea what to do. Yes, after all that chest beating and bragging.

Do their sexual desires need to be controlled? Nah. What's far more dangerous is their greed for money. I think our moral guardians need to re-inspect their glasses.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Johan, It's nice to have honesty from a guy about matters of their obssession. Even if I knew it, I'd have no credibility putting it in my blog. :)