13 March 2010

I'll meet you halfway ~ that's better than no way

I used to be a great fan of The Partridge Family and the song "I'll meet you halfway" by David Cassidy.  Here's the song for those of the younger generation.

THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY lyrics - I'll Meet You Halfway 

Will there come a day you and I can say
We can finally see each other?
Will there come a time we can find the time
To reach out for one another?

We've been travelin' in circles such a long, long time
Tryin' to say hello, hello!
And we can just let it ride, but you're someone that I'd
Like to get to know

I'll meet you halfway, that's better than no way
There must be some way to get it together
And if there's some way, I know that some day
We just might work it out forever

Will there come a day (Will there come a day)
You and I can say (You and I can say)
We can finally see each other?
Will there come a time (Will there come a time)
We can find the time (We can find the time)
To reach out for one another?

I'll meet you halfway, that's better than no way
I'll meet you halfway, that's better than no way

[Repeat and fade]

I think, during that era, David was the heartthrob of many.  While I did not really declare my love for him openly, nevertheless I was deeply and totally dedicated to him.  There were afternoons when I just laid in bed listening to the song and willing him to feel my love.  Those were the days!

Yesterday, on the coach, halfway between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, I thought of this song and the memories of my early teenage years came back.  How juvenile they seem now when I remember the longing I felt for a guy that didn't know I existed?  It made me smile.

Many things make me smile these days.  I find that it's not difficult to be happy if that is what you really want.  Likewise, if you are looking for misery, you'll bump into it at every corner.

I had to work quite long hours for the last three weeks.  I thought that it would make me miserable to do so.  Actually, it was quite fulfilling.  I liked the idea that I rose up to the occasion and did what was necessary.  Leaving the office later meant traffic had eased and driving home was a breeze.   From a long time ago, I knew that hard work never killed anybody.  It still holds true.  Yet we need to know when to take a break.  It helps in many ways.

I'll meet you halfway is more than the song implies.  I believe that it's the solution for many of us. Meeting someone's expectations halfway and bending rather than breaking.  Simply put, it's a compromise when we can't do it all.  Giving our best even when it's not enough for the other party.  It only means we've done our part and if it falls short, well, too bad then!

After being away from blogging due to the heavy workload, I'm glad to be back.  If you've been visiting my blog and missing me, I'm glad you are here again reading this. 

You've met me halfway!


Patricia said...

Welcome back, darling!

I remember David Cassidy! And I was in love with him, too!!! My version of love lah, at that time - who knew then what it was all about?

Later I learnt that he wasn't a good singer at all, but at the time, did I care?! Nah-ah! Hahahah!

Yes, what you speak of is compromise, I'm thinking. And I think it is something that is not really easy to do - but if we're willing, and we care about the other one, we should give it a shot.

But for me, right now, in the one relationship where I should be willing to meet her even more than halfway, I find I can't. Sigh. It is not a good place to be, and I am lessened because of it.

But back to DC. Yes, he's in his 50s now, like us. Maybe now kita ada chans! Hahahah! Too bad I don't want him anymore, though! Found a more-than-just-satisfactory replacement already!!! ;)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Patricia my dear,

I think that even without your realising it, you have already compromised much more than you thought yourself capable.

Thank you for your comment. I know that most readers just pass by without dropping a line. So when you do, I really appreciate it.

Stephen also noticed that and mentioned it to me. How cool is that?

Yennyways, it's good to be back!


Anonymous said...

I cannot call you darling as Pat does...but I can call you "dear"...as always what you write give me food for thoughts. Like you, being happy and contented is also my mantra. ...though sometimes, like this evening, things do get under my skin and pushes me to sit down at my PC and do my rantings. Today was this Ibrahim Ali guy...and I really went into him! maybe too strong for MT to publish...we will see esok if they do. You take care dear and salam to your "better half" stephen...or are you the "better half"? Aiyah so confusing sometimes....salam.


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

HH, It's s nice to see you here. I think I owe you mail. Well, I owe many people that because I've been too lazy. My inbox has over 4000 mails! Believe it or not!

Anyway, the beauty of blogging is that you own that space. There's no deadline to meet or beat.

If no one comes by to read, no worries. If someone does and leaves a comment, then double bonus.

Now that you and Pat and left your mark here, I'm just beaming with the double double bonus.

So much to rejoice about in life!!!!!!!

Salam to you too, my dear!

Antares said...

Well, make that three of us, Lita... even though I only trotted by to pee on your idol David Cassidy (because of him so many nubile schoolgirls refused to go out with me! Just kiddin' :-)

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...


If there is anybody in cyberspace that gives my heart a jump, it's got to be you.

With Pat, I was a duet.

Add HH and we were a trio.

Now thanks to you, it's a full blown quartet.

Big big hug for you!

Richard Loh said...

Remember, I woke up in love this morning......lol...

An early HAPPY BIRTHDAY wish to you and many happy years to come.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Richard, Oh yesssss, I remember so clearly that song. In fact, I liked most of the songs that he sang. Corny but simple.

Thanks for the wishes and sending good vibes back to you.


Sybil said...

Hi there Lita

Your blog on David Cassidy brought back long lost memories for me!! Thank you. I had a large poster of him stuck on to the inside of my wooden school desk (the ones that you could flip the lid open) during my teens n used to daydream in class whenever i opened the desk top!! Haha!!! I also remember giving him a few hidden kisses when no one was looking. I was made abt him.

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Dear Sybil

Thank you for commenting. I would never have guessed if you didn't own up here.

It's nice to know that we had the same taste in men!

Hugsss for you. :)