13 May 2010

Lemons and Lemonade

We are told that when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  When it happens, I can tell you that it can be a little difficult to remember about making a refreshing drink.

Recently, I was told that I blabber on my blog.  So does it make those who read my blog "blabbees!".  

Well, when people say unkind things to me, the first thing I do is to see who is saying it.  If it's someone I respect then I usually take a step back and give it some thought. If I suspect that it was said in anger, then I sometimes shrug it off and I can even forget it, eventually.  If I believe it was intended to irritate or hurt me, then I wonder about it a little more.

I have been to so many blogs and never once, did it occur to me that I should leave an unkind word.  Either I give my opinion or some props.  I wouldn't even dream of saying anything slightly disparaging.  After all, it's their space and what would it say about me and why I was even there!

Really, it's so simple. This is my blog.  If you like it, you read. If you don't like it, then why do you care to come back.

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Johan H said...

You were visited by trolls? Chin up, just ignore them. I've dealt with lots of trolls in my line of work and know that often, nothing upsets a troll more than being ignored. Anyway a personal blog is like a home. When we visit, we're courteous. But then again, I'm old school...

By the way if you're a ranter, then we're all rantees, hahaha.

HusseinAbdul Hamid said...

Hi...Lita I can only speak for myself. I choose to live away from people. Here I am far far away from the maddening crowd, far far away from anybody that I am related to, that I know or from anybody that may choose to impose their unsolicited views on what I say or what I do. I find that isolation and solitude is what I want for my life to be good. And so I am here. But this solitude and isolation is not for everyone...so suffice for me to say "to each his own".

In my life I have yet to meet someone that I can put up with for too long a time so much so that I now prefer the company of myself to others - and so I am alone save for the preferred company of my immediate family. But then that is me...it is not for everybody...and as you know I did open myself up with my "steadyaku" blog but only for as long as I felt I wanted to do so. When I had enough I stopped and retreated back into my world save for those that I still wanted to stay connected to - and there is only two of you - and you know who the other one is!

Enough of my rantings...the rantings of a mad man must be simply that...the rantings of a mad man!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Hi Johan aka rantee!

Thought I was smart making up the word blabber and there you go matching it with another! *thumbs up*

Anyway, it's all good. I know where all that came from and all I need to do is remind myself not to be like that. At the end of it all, it's a choice we make about who we are and how we want people to remember us.

From the ranter!

Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...


I wasn't sure if I should publish your comment or not but as you put it here and not on FB as you sometimes do, I guess you don't mind.

Thanks for always being so frank and saying it like you are thinking it. Many people think but say only what they think the other person wants to hear.

Steadyaku was great while it lasted. You said your piece and then you moved on. I think that's your right. Many of us forget that we are in control of how we want to live our life. I know that you have. To not allow the influence to permeate into how you choose to be is just commendable.

I am honoured to be one of the two that you stay in touch with.

Pat said...

Hi Lita,

I so agree with you about visiting and either saying something nice, or nothing at all. And I too, don't 'get' the ones who leave nasty comments.

I had my share, and always hit 'delete' with such venomous pleasure *evil grin*

I enjoy your pieces because you share from your soul. When I read you, I often pause to think - because you always give me another perspective of something I thought I knew so well. And I value that.

I felt such pain when I'd read the comments left at HH's blog. There he was speaking from his heart, and idiots responded with mindless drivel!

But, if someone's said that you blabber here, I'm wondering ... why? Why the need to say that at all? I'm thinking that there is an udang lurking behind that batu, lah! Perhaps, you're making him/her feel insecure with your eloquence? Perhaps you're hitting a nerve?

I'm thinking: way to go, girl! That's what this is all about! ;)


Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

Hello Pat

In all honesty, it wasn't done here and I didn't have to hit delete. It was written in a private message. At first the person was all praises for my blog and within 24 hours, I became a blabber! LOL

They don't come any more fickle than this, I guess!

Like you, I believe in good manners too but I can throw a punch as good as I get if I need to!

I love the support you give me. I really really love it. More so because you are a voice of reason and I know you won't hesitate to tell me if you disagree.

So as my blog says, better to let go of the pointless drama (this blabber thing is one of them!).

Love and hugs for you