07 August 2010


Lately I've noticed that many people are using shortcuts when they want to communicate either via their cellular, on facebook or tweeting. I think I also see it in emails and blogs. I suppose I erase those from my mind as soon as I see them. I really can't stand the shortcuts. Perhaps people think that the English Language is theirs to butcher!

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Well, I am guilty of using some emoticons and shortforms like LOL (laughing out loud) or IMHO (in my honest opinion).  My favourites are the smileys.   However, I don't allow it to become a part of my daily routine.  Anyway, I do it to save time and when I know that it doesn't detract from what I mean to say.

Generally, I'm one of the old-fashioned types that firmly believe we should follow all the rules (as best we can). I know I'm not perfect but I'm mindful and conscious of what I write always.

When I used to teach, one of the lessons was about using the word "only". Each sentence is different if you read it carefully.

ONLY I kissed Stephen yesterday.
I ONLY kissed Stephen yesterday.
I kissed ONLY Stephen yesterday.
I kissed Stephen ONLY yesterday.
I kissed Stephen yesterday ONLY.

I wonder if any of my students remember this.

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Stephen Felix Grosse said...

ONLY I posted a comment today.

I ONLY posted a comment today.

I posted ONLY a comment today.

I posted a comment ONLY today.

I posted a comment today, ONLY.

ONLY I love Estrelita...oops not true. So Many people love her, BUT ONLY I will love her till death do us part....and Jared of course.

Antares said...

ONLY Lita could get away with a post like this! :-D

Uncle Lee said...

Hello Steest, I fully agree with you re 'shortcut' English.
I always have to ask whoever what they mean as I am from the old school, wayyyyy before all of them arrived, ha ha. Your dad's era.....

I guess my wife and I are one of the few on this planet don't own a h/phone....no need to. Besides I'm retired, hardly wear a watch, stopped reading the papers the day I retired and never felt better.

I honestly don't know what is 'SMS', or 'testing'.....
Ask me about Nina Ricci or, La Cumparsita, ha ha, that I know.

Steest, you remember that Chinese club SCRC in Pudu road, back in the 60's? And those Hash House Harriers....starting their run infront of the Selangor Padang, opposite the Church?

Yes, you and I, we don't murder the English language, ha ha.
Have a pleasant week, Steet, and stay young, Lee.
ps, drop by if free. L.

Shakun said...

You taught me that too!! You used 'John' as an example, writing it on the back of one of my books. My friends wondered who 'John' was!!

Pat said...

And Stephen got ONLY five kisses while you reminded us about English Grammar!!!

Talking about short-cuts, here's what happened to me in French class last week:

On the Friday before class, I did my homework, and for one of the exercises, I struggled. When I checked the back of the book for the correct answers, I found that I'd gotten them all wrong.

So, I wrote: All wrong!!! WTF!!!

On Saturday, the teacher went through our homework with us. He'd forgotten his book, and I lent him mine. Just as it left my hands, Larnee remembered what I'd written!

So, he went through the exercises, and when he came to that one, he reads out what I wrote: All wrong. WTF.

Nice :(

KS Cheah said...

Lita, I used to be like you and detested using short-form words (cud, wud, pls, etc) in smses but eventually lost that battle. One thing I try not succumb to is to use short-form sentences which may miscommunicate.

The problem with the youth of today is their generally weak command of language that is further eroded by use of short-forms. Spell-check is another bane of communication skills development.

STEEST said...

SFG, Funny and sweet! :)

Antares, Yup, only me! :D

Lee, Nice of you to drop by again. No, I don't remember those places. I was a homebody then and now. My sis, ah, she might know. She was the adventurous one. ;)

Shakun, I don't remember writing it but yes, when I was teaching I used the name John! hahaha.

Pat, WTF ! You wrote that! OMG! LMAO! :D

Cheah, Correct! Correct! Correct! I totally agree! :)