23 August 2010

Sleeping in Singapore

There's "Sleepless in Seattle" and there's "Sleeping in Singapore".  Yes, lame comparison since they don't have anything to do with each other.

Whenever I am in Singapore, the one thing that I truly enjoy is the peace and quiet.  At night, there is no sound of traffic or of people walking and talking.  There is almost complete silence.  It's so deathly quiet that sometimes I find it hard to sleep unless I am very tired.

In KL, I hear the occasional cars or motorbikes zipping by.  I may even hear the party people (as I like to call them) returning in the wee hours of the morning.  Occasionally, if I am not too deeply asleep, I can hear the morning azan in the distance.  I've become so accustomed to all of these sounds that, often, I don't even notice them.

It's only when I'm in Singapore that I feel the difference.  Even now as I am writing this, there's no sound except for the whirring of the fan.  It's almost like I am the only living creature on earth.  Of course I'm not since Stephen is in the next room.

How glaring a contrast this is to my usual Monday at work!  Some say that "silence is deafening".  

I like it.  Not everyday but once in a while, I like it.

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KS Cheah said...

Hi Lita,

Growing up in Taiping, the railway line was not very far from the back of our house. You can imagine the trains going by according to the schedules that they keep. Strangely enough, the trains "stopped making noise" as somehow the brain filters it out.

It makes me wonder what else my brain has filtered out over the years.

...just thinking aloud, Lita. ;o)


STEEST said...


Yes, I think you are right. Our brain filters out certain noises and we get accustomed to the presence of those noises. So the absence of it can make for a strange sensation.

I'm wondering now what my brain has filtered out over the year. Good one! Must think about it.


Johan H said...

You're not putting up in Sembawang or thereabouts I presume. :-) They've got the NEA enforcing public noise levels if I recall so enjoy your sleep while you can!

Pat said...

I so know what you're saying! In KL, our house was beside a main road, and so we learned to get used to the road noises. Plus the incessant barking of a neighbour's dog. I'd love to wrap my fingers around their neck - yes, 'theirs', not their dog's!

Here in PD it is quiet all the time, not just at night. And it did take some getting used to.

But, we've grown accustomed to it now, and it's lovely, this silence. Gives me space to think, and dream :)

Antares said...

Silence in Singapore? You staying in a wooded suburb or on the 70th floor of a luxury condo? :-)

Anonymous said...

Silence is golden !