18 September 2010

Already Two Years Old and Counting

Two years ago, I began my blog without really thinking of where it would lead me.  I don’t really know why but having a blog made me look harder and deeper at everything that was happening in my life.  

I began to scrutinise and analyse what people said.  I watched TV and listened to the radio as if it was a homework assignment.  I scoured other blogs and online news portals to see what others were saying and thinking.  Always at the back of my mind, unconsciously or subconsciously, I thought of my blog and wondered, “to blog or not to blog”.

As luck would have it, less than a month from the birth of my blog, I found a “cause” I believed in.  My involvement in the anti-I.S.A. vigils that followed, gave me a weekly topic to promote and to write about.  It helped build up my confidence when people responded and commented. 

I had other bloggers guiding me, helping me, nudging me along the way.  Without their advice and support, I know it would have been more difficult so I really am glad that they shared their knowledge so unselfishly. 

Today I celebrate 730 days in existence and just over 150 blog posts.  It’s a drop in the ocean if I compare with others who have been blogging since before blogging became fashionable.  It’s a tiny scratch on the surface if I look at the top bloggers who have hits in the millions.  So I don’t do that.

I look at my blog and don’t compare with anyone.  I don’t compete either.  I feel proud that my stats are what I believe to be reasonably high.  I’m a blogger.  There have been times that people have stopped me in public to say, “Hey, I know you, you’re a blogger, I read your blog”.  At the beginning, I used to feel embarrassed but not anymore.  I am a blogger and I say that with pride.

As STEEST reaches two years, I look back and I can tell you that the highlights have not been that some posts were featured on Malaysia Today or that I’m listed under “Fabulous Blogs” or even that Global Voices invited me to write for them. 

The highlights are the friendships I’ve made. 

If I hadn’t started blogging, I’d never have found the warmth and kinship of other bloggers.  I’d have missed knowing the camaraderie of a “friend” or that of “a friend of a friend”.  Who would have guessed that great friendships could blossom from the least likely places?

I think when we write, we share a part of ourselves.  In some small way, it is a window to our soul.

To those of you who have peeped through the window, reached out and touched my life during these last two years, in one way or another, I just want to say



siedne said...

People recognize you on the street?? Wah, that is celeb status already.

Congrats on two years of writing! No easy feat!

Stephen Felix Grosse said...

Hi baby,

You have done well.

Happy "BloggerDay".

Love you

STEEST said...

Hey Siedne

Glad you are the first to comment since you were probably the first blog I began to follow.

Thanks for the wishes.

Hugs for you. :D

STEEST said...

Hey Baby

Thanks for the support throughout the last 2 years, without which, I might not have lasted so long.

Love you right back. :D

shanghaistephen said...

Congratulations Steets and of course my dear Lita. Strange huh only 2 years ? Seems like I've known you forever and boy am I glad to be one to have known you because of blogging ! and yes Lita....it's always a pleasure to read your blog cos you have a curious and exciting style of expressing a most ordinary thing as something we sudddenly look and read in awe. Like we never saw it from your "angle" at all until now.
Keep on blogging as you have helped change the future for the next generation tremendeously (sp) even if you've are too modest in acknowledging it.
Cheers and Godbless.

Anonymous said...

Something must be said about the year or two before reaching the five-O, which was when meaningful friendships started and political awareness begun.

There's no stopping us now is there Lita?

Here's to many more years of writing!

Much love

Rodi x

Antares said...

Stephen & Estrellita = STEEST. Is this also your 2nd anniversary? :-)
Another round of applause!

STEEST said...

Rodi dear,

Meaningful friendships don't always have to begin from childhood. I've found out now that people who share the same ideas and beliefs can forge strong bonds.

Of course, playing scrabble helps too. ;-)

Love and hugs for you!

STEEST said...

Dear Sweet Antares

You already know that you are a "Class M Supergiant Star" and I am so glad that despite the immense size of the Milky Way galaxy, we chanced upon each other.

Hugs galore for you from the
Little Star

STEEST said...

Shanghai Stephen,

Nearly missed this comment.

What a treat it was to read it. Thank you so much.

In some way, it seems unbelievable that it's only two years. It really does seem much longer than that.

Thanks for always being there and know that I count you among the special people in my life.


steadyaku47 said...

Rasa sayang eh rasa sayang sayang eh....just wanted to sing....sharing your happiness! ...but I wish you do not always show me up for my lack of 'technical' know how about blogging - like blogging on the move etc etc...I am still trying to hantam you back but cannot find any reason to do so.

Just came back from the Central Market where we really get bargains - just imagine 10 burgers for one auzzie dollar - because they just want to get rid of their stuff before the weekend!


STEEST said...


You give my 2 years birthday a touch of your special brand of humour.

Rasa Sayang eh! Now that song is running in my mind and can't stop it. hahahahaha

Thanks, HH. :D

TheWhisperer said...

Happy Two, Yin!

This is really an inspiring blog.

You shared and expressed your experiences well here and very often, people find themselves relating their experiences to yours.

I have found a great friend in you.
And I actually find out more about you through your writings than those little time that we spent together. Some 'window to our souls', huh?

You have done very well indeed!

STEEST said...


I would have missed meeting you if not for Steest. Your quiet strength and constant support has meant a great deal to me.

I appreciate your kind words and thoughts. Actually, I've missed your comments here. Smses and calls don't count!

Thank you for all that you have been to me.


sparkles said...

Hi dear friend Lita-light!

You write from the heart.

That's why it's so good to read you!

Incurable itch or natural art....or both?

Carry on ....forever!...luvuangelangie

STEEST said...

Angie darling

Finally I get to know who sparkles is!! It really does fit you perfectly

Yes, I write from my heart. Not always a good thing but I don't know any other way. :)

Thanks so much for your comment! You did it!!!!

Hugs for you!

Pat said...

Hello dear,

Congratulations on your second anniversary, and here's to many more years with you.

If not for blogs, we'd not have met - first in ether, and then, in real life - and I'd have never known what I'd missed: a wonderful friend who sees into my heart, yet loves me still!


STEEST said...

My dear Pat

Isn't this just how so many of us feel about the connections we've made via our blogs?

Your heart is pure and simple and it is just so easy to love you.


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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