22 September 2010

She said! She said!

She said to them, "Oh, so nice of you all to come".
She said to me, "I wished they didn't come".

She said to them, "You all look so much better now".
She said to me, "They look like they had plastic surgery".

She said to them, "You all look fat but happier".
She said to me, "They look swollen and out of shape".

She said to them, "So nice to hear the latest news".
She said to me, "They are the biggest gossipers".

She said to them, "Finally, I get to meet you all."
She said to me, "Finally, the troublemakers are gone."


She said to me, "I don't trust them."
I said to her, "Hmmmm".

They say, "Man speaks with forked tongue".
I say, "Woman, too!"


Well, folks, Be Calm In Your Heart!

(pics from photobucket)
Got to run now, owe someone down under a reply, wink! wink!)


Pat said...

If this wasn't true, it would be funny!

I have people like that in my life, too. But you know what? They are just there in my eyes, not in my heart - so I don't let them get to me.

Yes, easier said than done! But c'est la vie, unfortunately.

But, it takes someone like that to remind you that there are others who aren't. And these are the jewels you keep ;)

STEEST said...

Pat dear

I agree. I believe it is a symptom of many old folks! Yikes! I said it.

Either they feel that the licence to say anything has been earned and so they do or they hide behind their age because people generally accept what they say as genuine.

I agree again that it takes someone like that to appreciate the others who aren't.

As you say, 'such is life' and as HH says, "life goes on".