27 April 2011

#4 Of What Makes Me Smile

In December last year, my Uncle Ralph wrote this in an email to me

"If I were to nominate a true friend who understands, forgives & is supportive, you would be on the Top of my list."

This is so special to me and makes me smile so much because Uncle Ralph is not a blood relative.  I met him via Stephen just a few years ago and we have been emailing each other regularly since then.  His words touch my heart and made me smile for days on end.  It seemed to be a gift so pure and perfect.  Didn't someone say that the best gifts are given from the heart?  

I had saved this email and today I chanced upon it while looking for something else.

Again, it made me smile.

Thank you, Uncle Ralph for being so loving.  People seldom say it till it's too late.  Not me.  

I love you, Uncle Ralph.

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Pat said...

For the same reasons as Uncle Ralph, I would nominate you, too.

I know I am blessed, because we are friends.


Such a sweet "nomination", for such a sweet person like you, from such a sweet uncle.

Thank you very much Uncle Ralph.

STEEST said...

Pat, You are so sweet. Always. :D

SFG, That's sweet too. Thanks to you, I know and love U/Ralph. :)