28 April 2011

Of Carole King's songs

Tonight's American Idol theme of Carole King's songs made me so excited.  I remember her so well since I had learnt all the lyrics of her songs while in my teenage years.  I remember locking myself in my room and listening to her songs over and over again.  So I wasn't surprised that I could remember the songs that were chosen by the 6 finalists for their solo and duet performances.

I don't have a favourite because I think I loved all of her songs.  The song choice of James Durbin definitely stirred my heart a little more than the others because it was my personal anthem as a teenager.  It seemed to reflect all that I felt when I first fell in love.

Much as I like James Durbin, I still prefer the original version.  

These are a selection of the ones I love....

Thank you to all the people who uploaded it to youtube! I've just added them to my playlist!


sintaicharles said...

I love her songs too. They bring back so many good memories.

STEEST said...

Hi Charles,

Hope it's okay to call you that. Thanks for dropping by.

We must be from the same era if you like Carole King. LOL


PJN said...

Just realised that I am that old. Have not heard Carole's songs for a very long time.

Thanks for the posting. Enjoyed. Many memories.

Pat said...

Thanks, Lita! You saved me a trip to You Tube to look for these. Especially
So far away, which is my favouritest of all her songs.

We're old, ah?! Ahh well, who cares! They don't write them like this anymore, do they?! Hahahahah!!!

STEEST said...


So nice of you to leave a comment. Carole King is, for me, one of the classics. Not as flamboyant as Barbra Streisand but so enjoyable all the same.

This brought back many memories for me too.


STEEST said...


It was your post that prompted me to put this one up. See how you inspire me.

You are absolutely right! We're old and who cares.

I was really tempted to put up more but gave in to the spirit of moderation. LOL