28 May 2011

Happy Birthday, D!

My dad would have been 78 today.  As I sit here and think of him, I smile at all the memories I have in my heart and mind.

This is one of them:-
When I got married and left home, I remember calling him one day and telling him that I might have changed my name but I was still a "Soliano" in spirit.  It was the only time he had no reply.  I suspect he had a lump in his throat that day.


Shakun said...

Amah told me grandpa asked her on her wedding day if he had to buy a cow bell since she was marrying an Indian!!! Lol...what a sense of humour!!!

STEEST said...


That's your Grandpa for you. He had a generous portion of humour in his blood. Thankfully, his children inherited a part of it.

I believe it has even trickled down to you, Vayshna, Greg, Jared, etc.


Antares said...

Isn't it too astonishing, Lita? Another birthday connection discovered... today is my #1 daughter Moonlake's birthday too! Well, Tony, howdy do, wherever you be? :-)

STEEST said...


It's OFFICIAL. We are related, somewhere along the cosmic lines, and here we are on planet earth again.

I love discovering the dots between us.