29 May 2011

1Malaysia? I just don't get it!

How long has it been since this 1Malaysia slogan been bandied about?  I don't know and, really, I don't care.

It's not easy to believe in it when so many things around me is contrary to the 1Malaysia clarion call.

Even more frightening is that we are so detached from this 1Malaysia concept, today, than we ever were before.  I could easily make a long list where the 1Malaysia is not being observed.   What would be the point of that?  

Show me one aspect where it is being practised in every sense of the slogan and I'll buy you dinner.  It didn't have a chance to take off because the powers that be, don't give their all to make it work.

We are being bombarded by racists and racism in a country that we call our home.  We are bruised.  We are battered.  We are hurt.  We are injured.  What other forms of evidence does anyone need in order to know that the 1Malaysia sounds like a scam.

Simply put, I just don't get it at all. 

I love my country and I have the hope that things can change.

This IS Malaysia.  Not 1Malaysia or 2Malaysia or whatever and I wish it could be the way it was before.


LC Teh said...

We just got it from our 2-cent slogan mill. Nothing serious, nothing intelligent. Remember we started Multi(something)-Super Corridor? We are now way behind our neighbors in terms of internet connection speed. After that we had a long string of other corridors and hubs, and centers etc... All the great sounding syiok-sendiri slogans that 2-cent mill can come out with... We just take it in our stride as part of our new national pastime...

STEEST said...

LC Teh,

Well, as far as I can tell, it's a failure. Thanks for dropping by. :D

Antares said...

@LC Teh... 2 cents? No way, bro... it cost the rakyat a cool RM80 million in 2009 alone... and all the money went to APCO! And when you total the amount of rakyat's money spent on painting official vans, buses, distributing free jackets, shoulder bags, briefcases, etc emblazoned with this dinky device of putting a numeral in front of the country... you will feel exactly the way I do... in effect, you will feel prompted to wring the finance minister's fat neck till his fish eyes pop out and his pink lips turn bright purple.

hew said...

steest, i get it. in a context of institutionalized racism, 30years of btn preaching and cries for malays aje.. here comes the PR co with a new slogan. one in a long line of meaningless, forgetable jingoistic slogans.

this too will pass!

Pat said...

When you watch a magic show, the magician directs you to one of his hands, and makes you look at what he wants you to see. Distracting you from his other hand, and what it's really doing . . . .

That's what 1Malaysia is all about - that's my 2-sen lah ;)

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Steest, well put. I guess the Malaysia I once knew no longer what it was....
What with politicians trying to gain milage spend time just thinking up of slogans.

And LC Teh is right.....I cannot but wonder when I get emails from where you are, "it's raining, have to stop now".

Anyway, you stay easy, keep well, and keep a song in your heart.
Best regards.

H S Lee said...

I do not understand what is 1Malaysia and is not interested to know either until I woke up one morning.
I realise that 1Malaysia is just a catch phrase.... a phrase to catch votes.

STEEST said...

Such a passionate man in everything you say and do. I can feel your words all the way from Magickriver. :D

STEEST said...


I guess it's anybody's guess why he would choose the very slogan that would so not define Malaysia as it really is today.

Thank you for your comment. I do appreciate it.


STEEST said...


That's a good perspective of it. I'm sitting here and thinking of your words and you may have hit the nail on the head.


STEEST said...

Lee or rather Uncle Lee,

We mustn't forget what it was like because when we do, then all hope is lost. As long as we remember how it used to be, we can aim for something that once was.

Thanks for coming by, I've been neglecting you. I'll pop over to your place soon. :D

STEEST said...

H S Lee

Like you, I also did not really pay much attention to this 1Malaysia gimmick.

Somehow it feels like a square peg in a round hole and I doubt it will snare any extra vote though.