18 July 2011

The realities of relatives

Who is a 'relative'?
a person who is connected with another or others by blood or marriage.

I've found that there are relatives and there are relatives. Or so people say when they want to imply that some relatives are nice and others are not so nice.

The reality is that relatives often think that they know best. By virtue of the fact that they are a relative, they believe that their opinions are the only ones that count. They cannot see beyond that and refuse to consider any other option as being correct except theirs. This is a reality.

The reality is that relatives often want to be the first to hear news. They need to be the first to convey information they pick up, even when it's not true. This is a reality.

The reality is that relatives often cause more damage than good even if they have the best intentions. They are unable to see the big picture and only judge from one small vantage point but shout the loudest.

Fortunately, one negative relative can be neutralised by another positive relative.

Thankfully, the reality is that the good ones far outweigh the bad ones.

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Small Kucing said...

Yes, very apt post on relatives. Insightful

Pat said...

Couldn't agree with you more, Lita.

Some of the things you say are hard to hear - for the relatives. But, it doesn't make the words any less true.

STEEST said...

Hi Small Kucing

Thank you. I think this is common in many families. You only get to experience it when there are people who want to give you the benefit of their 'so-called' wisdom.


STEEST said...

Hi Pat

Thanks for your support. I really look forward to your comments. They reinforce what I believe to be true. It is always nice to be in good company.

Love and hugs

Antares said...

This reminds me of the hand-painted sign I hung on my front door many years ago: NO RELATIVES. ONLY ABSOLUTES! I guess that will always hold true. I only enjoy the company of those who are absolutely real, not those who choose to be "relatively" real. I believe, Lita, you belong in the "absolute" category! :-)

STEEST said...


No one comes close to you when it comes to word play.

I love being an absolute in your world.


joshua said...

The proverb says, 'There is a friend closer than a brother.'

And I would like to add a relative too.