09 July 2011

Bersih 2.0 Singapore

You might like to have a look at some pictures.

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I met Daniel and Yunni there.  Two young Malaysians who dropped by at the Speakers Corner to lend their support on a Saturday afternoon.  Meeting them gives me hope that the next generation are generally headed in the right direction.

I left at about 3.30 pm.  Before I left, I took a count of the people there and I can safely say that more than 150 people turned up.

If you were present at Hong Lim Park, please feel free to tag yourself on my album.  I have put the setting to 'Friends of Friends'.

Overall, it was a nice afternoon.  Pity I couldn't stay any longer.


Anonymous said...

To my friends across the Causeway, good luck and be strong!

Anonymous said...

My good friend Lita, Im proud of you always. Keep the spirit up whatever these 'no-use' and 'no good' people can do all sorts of stuff but they can't even touch our spirit, let alone the soul. Justice will prevail, may be sooner.
Mark rakyat.

STEEST said...

Anonymous 23.44

Thanks. I happened to be in Singapore. :)

STEEST said...

Mark Rakyat

Thank you for all the encouragement since a long time ago. You were one of the first few to give me confidence. I am forever grateful and so glad that we are friends.

Hugs for you.

Pat said...

I'm glad you went for the rally there, and were safely away from the tear-gas and water cannons that laced the rally here!

It was wonderful to see the rallies from all the different cities in the world where Malaysians reside. A goose-bump moment for sure :)