06 October 2011

Good bye Steve Jobs

I never heard of Steve Jobs until only recently.  The first time that I did, was when someone sent me the link for his address at Stanford.  It blew me away.

My first Apple product was the iPod.  Stephen got it for me but I didn't really use it much so I gave it away to my son.

Then Stephen got me the iPhone4. Now that I am used to the Touch Screen, I love it.

Even before I could get used to the iPhone, Stephen got me the iPad2.

We had fun learning how to manage with it.  What a wonderful tool of communication it has become in our lives!!!!

I couldn't let the day pass without writing something.  This man helped people to connect so easily.  He is a hero.

All I want to say now is iSad.


Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

Jobs hears you and all of us. RIP.

STEEST said...

Thank you, dear Keats The Sunshine Girl.

Such a cheery name. I love it.


Pat said...

I was sad to hear of his passing, too - though I don't own any Apple stuff. His was a great mind, and I am amazed at all he created, and gave to the world.

STEEST said...


I agree. Even if I didn't have any apple product, I would still find him a genius.

He revolutionised communications and brought it to another level.


motherchell said...

Hi STEEST! its been sometime, but have trekked your wonderful space as i moved with my feels. Great !!
Steve revolutionized life, he made us pause to discover ourselves so well. Like music that tells us the time in our lives. The world would never have connected so perfectly if not for his vision.
Much thoughts!!

STEEST said...


Thanks and really such a pleasure to know you've come by even when there was no comment.

I've often wondered about the readers and who they are.

Hugs for you.