03 October 2011

What is your inside?

Last Friday, I was in a taxi on my way to Bangsar.  As is usual, the taxi driver looked at me through the rear-view mirror and asked, "What are you, ah?"

I smiled and said, "I'm Malaysian."

There is a red light so he stopped and turned around to look at me again.  He said, "I mean, what is your inside?"

I smiled again and said, "My inside is also Malaysian".

I understand what he wants to know.  He thinks I don't.  Exasperated by my answers, he narrows down the options for me, "Chinese?  Sabahan?  Eurasian?"

I responded firmly, "I was born in Malaysia and so I am Malaysian." 

Before he could react, I asked him, "What is YOUR inside?"  

Confidently he declared, "I'm Chinese; born in Malaysia."  So I said to him, "You are Malaysian and your inside is Malaysian".  He smiled and is amused.  I am, too.

We had a lovely chat all the way to Bangsar.  He thanked me for being so friendly and I thanked him back for sharing his thoughts.

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LC Teh said...

When I'm out of the country, I'm Malaysian. It says so in my passport. When I'm back home I wonder.... 'How long will this be my home?'

Admin said...

I've always thought of myself, my family & friends as Malaysian inside & out.....but the govt keeps 'branding' me as Malaysian Indian eventho' I know nothing of Indian culture!
Good piece for all Malaysians to ponder, Lita!

joedrifter said...

We have been separated by a certain force for so long we don't even know we are one. Remove the wedge and heal the wound...

Pat said...

I love the way it turned out, Lita. And I like the way you turned it around, and helped him understand.

Although I'm chocolate-muffiny brown, people insist that I am eurasian. I wonder if it's meant as a compliment?! I say I'm Malaysian, but it only exasperates them! Hahahahah! They will then cucuk and cucuk hoping to find the inside of my insides, I guess :(

Anonymous said...

Next time try, "I am Human!" Should be fun...

STEEST said...

LC Teh,

I'm out of the country on most weekends and like you, I'm classified as a Malaysian because of my passport.

It is ingrained in my head and my heart that I am a Malaysian and nobody can change that.

STEEST said...


I wish I knew your real identity especially when you think of yourself as Malaysian (inside and out).

Now isn't that something to smile about!!!!!

STEEST said...


I think that the wedge exists only in our minds.

Among the people that don't know about the wedge, there is no wound to heal.

STEEST said...


You are as Malaysian as they come.

You, me and a whole lot of others out there are going to show them that they can't take the Malaysia out of us.

So there!!!

Tumin said...

Love it. Think you just put a positive spin in his mind.

Antares said...

Lita, you're welcome anytime to put a positive spin on my thoughts! Totally Malaysian hugs xox

STEEST said...


That's so nice of you to say. Love it.


STEEST said...


You so totally epitomise the Malaysian spirit.

A spirit that is cheeky and cheerful that makes my heart melt.


Jack D said...

Personally I like to think of my self as Human born Earth 3rd planet of the Sol system of the milky way Galaxy and can see no good reason to be more

STEEST said...


You got it right, smack and centre!!


STEEST said...


I was so sure I replied to you. Maybe it was on FB.

I believe I am going to answer "human" the next time someone asks me what race I belong to. :)