17 February 2012

Of Choices, Chances and Changes

I have thought of this moment for ever so long.  It always seemed so far away in the distant future and now it is almost here.

I shall be taking a break from gainful employment.

When I first hinted about it last year, most people didn't believe that I would go ahead with this idea because I have been working since 1978.

For a while, even I didn't think I would follow through with this decision but some things happened in 2011 and made me take stock of what I wanted for 2012.  

Surprisingly, I received unexpected reactions from those near and dear to me.  However, there was only one that counted and that sealed the deal for me.
Soon enough, I shall close the chapter on a huge portion of my life.  

Soon enough, I shall begin a new chapter on a new adventure of my life.

(pics picked up from FB)


LC Teh said...

Move on and be happy with whatever comes round the corner. Cheers.

Antares said...

Now your REAL work begins, dearest Lita! :-)

joedrifter said...

Life is a succession of changes. Every moment we are subjected to changes. Wish you all the best...

Bags2Shop said...

The important thing is this..You are happy :) No one is in control of your happiness but you.Live the life you imagined. And Lita, you sure got alot of that.Knowing you for more than 33 yrs makes me happy just knowing that you are ok. And yes...that is how long i've known you! Love ya'

Oldstock said...

I'm always game for adventure! Wishing you the best in going through this change.

Pat said...

Life is what we make it. You've made it a good life so far - so why should it be any different in the new path you've chosen? I see you making it just the way you like it, sayang!

Martin Lee said...

All the best to you for the decision that you made.

It is part of life that we have to call it quit someday!

God bless and be happy always!

Keats The Sunshine Girl said...

It's clear you have made a choice . Add clarity! All the very best for your happiness.

STEEST said...

LC Teh: Thank you. I think I will do just that.

Antares: Thanks for the email about this. :)

Joedrifter: A succession of changes! Okay, got it! :)

STEEST said...

Bags2Shop: Annie Oakley, Love your comments. Gives me hope and makes me smile. Love ya right back.

Oldstock: I'm beginning to use the word adventure more than change now. Makes it exciting.

Pat: I always find your words are like the final piece in a jigsaw puzzle, making it complete. :D

STEEST said...

Martin: I don't really see it as calling it quits. I'm just moving on to something different. Thanks for your kind wishes.

Keats: Yes, clarity to the picture. Thank you for that. :)