12 February 2012

Did he know?

It's always hard to lose someone.  It's even worse when it's unexpected. While I don't consider myself an expert on grief, I do believe I qualify to speak about it.

At the end of anybody's life, the only question that really matters is, "Did he know you loved him?".

Did he know that you loved him when he was alive?  If he did, then you have walked the talk of love.  Love is not passive. It is active.

The point is that we have to show our love while people are alive!  Death is final.  There is no second chance.

You can claim to have loved someone so much and so hard after they are dead.  But if you didn't show it while they were alive, then it counts for nothing.

We have to remember this.

Live, love and never be afraid of saying "I love you".  Let them know.  

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Pat said...

I agree with all you say, and 'Did he know?' is the perfect title for this post. It sums it up beautifully!

It ties in with the distaste I feel for 'paying my last respects' - which has now come to mean: I couldn't bother to come see you when you were breathing, so I'm coming now; when you no longer are.

It makes no sense to me at all.

STEEST said...


As they say, “The bitterest tear shed over graves are for words left unsaid and deeds left undone”.

As you say, "It makes no sense at all".

I agree.