10 March 2012

Project 366 - Week 10 (Mar 4 - Mar 10)

March 4 - A surprise for me!

March 5 - Memories are made of these.

March 6 - Yummy Fried Kway Teow can make me smile.

March 7 - As pretty as a picture (of a lovely meal).

March 8 - Chocolate Walnut Cake and Ice-Cream!!!

March 9 - A magical sunset (view from my kitchen balcony)

March 10 - What do I take with me???


Oldstock said...

Re : Pic for March 5

We are alike in this sense... I have volumes notebooks kept from when I first started working in the '80s. Contain a lot of scribbles and doodles too...

sparkles said...

Lita dearie safe in Singapore with Stephen!!!

I'd scream for you first and only then for ice-cream, to say I love you better!!!

Thanks for precious time which am hoping to repeat.

STEEST said...

Oldstock: I was clearing stuff from my office after almost 20 years. Hence the picture of that day.

STEEST said...

Sparkles: I'd choose you over ice-cream any day.

We will repeat the precious time. :)