07 April 2012

Project 366 - Week 14 (Apr 01 - Apr 07)

April 1 - Vicks! Every home needs it.

April 2 - Pamper me! ♥ 

April 3 - I am a Facebook Addict. My name is Lita.

April 4 - My Backyard (freshly cut grass) :D 
Stephen adds, "Government paid grasscutter, too."

April 5 - New York in Singapore. Hee hee! 

April 6 - Fullerton Building in Ang Mo Kio Hub. 

April 7 - New pink pig piggy bank! 


Antares said...

Internet seems very squeezed today. Either that... or your images need to be resized (only a few loaded, others jammed) - but I love these very evocative glimpses of your life, Lita :-)

STEEST said...


I don't put very large images. Perhaps it's just the internet connection. :(

I am glad you enjoy these glimpses.

At the end of the year or at some point in the future, I know it will be fun to revisit these photos.


Small Kucing said...

love the pink piggy bank :)

STEEST said...

I save only 50 cents. At the end of the year, it's nice to count the money and use it for Christmas shopping.