09 April 2012

The trick to a Limerick

Thanks to my friend, Boney N, I have been doing a "Daily Challenge" since over a year ago.  I started with the default track of "Emotional Well-being".  Then I moved on to "Conquering Clutter" and now I am doing the "Pleasant Pauses" track which is really very pleasant.

Anyway, a couple of days ago, the daily challenge was to write a limerick.

How to do it
A limerick is a five-line poem that follows a simple rhyming scheme: the first, second and fifth lines all rhyme, and the third and fourth lines both rhyme. Unlike other forms of poetry, all you need to write a limerick is a sense of humor. Need help getting started? Take a cue from Edward Lear, a nineteenth-century writer (whose very popular limericks weren't dirty or indecent!). His limericks typically began with, "There was an old man of ..." or "There was a young lady whose ..."

This was what I wrote...

There was an old lady from KL
and she tried like hell
to write this well
didn't follow the rule
but it's still cool!

I didn't expect to get any response but my friend, Lyn C wrote this comment:

This lady I know is not so old, 
her heart is young
and she is full of fun
although, at times quite bold
 I am told ;-) 

and if that wasn't enough to warm my heart, another friend, Darrell C wrote this:

There was a young lady named Lita
It would be hard to find a lady more sweeta.
She posts pictures on FaceBook
That make me take a second look
Some of them knock me offa my feeta~ lol 

I have to thank "Daily Challenge" for these wonderful people who fill my life with smiles.


LC Teh said...

Thank God for humor...

STEEST said...

Yes, LC! I agree! :)

James Apple said...

What a great challenge. I have a news limerick site. Please add me and invite me to guest blog or maybe guest blog on my site. I started my blog about a month ago, but already have over 90 blogs. Would love for you to check it out!

James Apple

Antares said...

I once knew a guy named Soliano
Who wasn't actually Italiano.
But he could tickle the keys
With the greatest of ease;
Boy, the tricks he did on the piano.

joshua said...

This is my first limerick
Your funny bone it might prick
Today I learnt something new
Limerick a word I just knew
Limerick unleashes my creative streak

How's that?


STEEST said...

James Apple: It appears that your blog has disappeared!

STEEST said...

I once knew a guy named Kit
who suddenly saw it fit
to change his name to Antares
and live in a bamboo palace
So how's that for wit?

STEEST said...

Joshua, You are amazing!!! :D

I love your limerick!

Antares said...

Ummm... Lita, that was very amusing indeed... but I have an issue with your attempt to rhyme "Antares" and "Palace" (nice try, nevertheless :-)

You've stirred a few sleeping memory cells. I remember the very first limerick I ever wrote:

A grand gourmand named Gus
Decided to devour a bus;
As he began to chew,
He said, "This won't do...
The passengers are making a fuss."

But the most memorable limerick I ever read was by the late Isaac Asimov:

The astronomer's crime was heinous.
"We mustn't let convention restrain us;
Though I've made a career
Out of Venus, my dear,
I'm tempted to switch to Uranus."

Hee hee.

STEEST said...

Antares my dear!!!!!!

There is never a dull moment when you are around.

Love both the limericks you shared.