07 July 2012

The End

As in all things, the end is not always sad. Moving on and starting anew gives life that slight edge to make it interesting.

Besides, I've learnt that second chances can be better!

STEEST gave me a wonderful platform to voice out my thoughts and an opportunity to meet some lovely people out there. For the latter, I am so glad that I began blogging.

Upon giving it some thought, I have decided to leave the blog as it is, without the images (see previous posting for this).  After all, it was what I wrote that really mattered. The images were just to enhance the package. 

Project 366 will continue in Facebook for my family and friends. When I am ready, I will create a new blog and write again.

STEEST served its purpose and, just like the owner, will now be retired.


KS Cheah said...

I will follow youuu... ;o)

zorro said...

But darling....we will miss your insightful pieces. Come back soon sweet. hugs to Stephen.

Or is it the end and a new beginning?

siedne said...