03 July 2012

How now, brown cow?

Well, I guess Google+ is actually Google- because nothing positive came out of them linking the blog photos with the google+ albums.

Thinking I was being diligent in cleaning out my Google + photo albums, I, inadvertently, deleted all the images that were linked to this blog.

I doubt that I will go through the process of putting them all back here.

Hence, the question that looms overhead now is "SHOULD I CLOSE DOWN THIS BLOG?"


Small Kucing said...

:( dont close down the blog

Small Kucing said...

i still counldnt get the hang of google plus.....

Small Kucing said...

if you close down this blog, pls let me know your new blog URL. thanks

Antares said...

Google owns Blogger and also Picasa. The problems began when Google attempted to give Facebook a run for their money with Google+ which never really took off, despite an initial burst of enthusiasm and curiosity. Facebook users may constantly gripe about the way changes are simply announced and implemented without any concern for users' preferences - but few actually delete their facebook accounts, because it's highly addictive. Google+ never became addictive because it didn't start off on a playful note as facebook did. Anyway, the images you upload on your Blogspot are stored on Picasa's servers. When you linked your Google+ to your photo albums, the image files were still stored on Picasa's servers via a file sharing mechanism. Google+ should have warned all users that deleting any image from Picasa would also delete them from Blogger. I know the blog isn't quite the same without images - but to manually replace every single image for the past few years is extremely tedious work - something to be done at leisure. What I suggest is that you begin a fresh blog, entirely new template, so you'll be inspired to start off a whole new trajectory - for example you could choose a template that allows you to upload extra large images & videos (far more satisfying)... you could pick a new blog name, and so on.

Meanwhile, don't delete the old blog. Keep it private and slowly but surely replace the images so that when you're done, STEEST will live again as a document of one phase of your journey.

STEEST said...

Thanks, Small Kucing for always dropping by. Especially, when I haven't been doing the same for you or other blogs.

Since retiring, Facebook has, more or less, taken over my time now.

If you are on Facebook, look for me. I shall be sending you an email shortly.

Hugs for you!

STEEST said...

Hi Antares

Well, I don't know if I will want to do put back the pictures. Life is too short to go backwards and pick up the slack from an old episode.

I may just leave the blog or delete it. I am mulling over this for now.

As you suggested, a new one might do the trick and also to tie in with my new perspective of everything.

Steest will live on 'in me' via the memories that were evoked by the comments that it garnered.

Thank you for having been such an integral part of my early months as a blogger.

Love ya loads! You know that!


Oldstock said...

So sorry to read that you've lost you pics in this blog, Lita. I didn't know about the Blogger - Picasa - Google+ link until I read your entry.

I am also on Google+ but have never been active using it.

As Antares has suggested, perhaps it is a sign for you to start a fresh blog. You can still retain some of the STEEST feel by re-posting selective entries from the existing blog. Whatever you decide, we would still link you :-)

STEEST said...

Hi Oldstock

Yeah,there is a price to pay for being recently retired and having extra time. If I had remained working, I probably would not have browsed through and done any housekeeping.

Having said that, I guess it could be time to move on and maybe start a new blog.

I like the idea of re-posting selective entries in my new blog.

Besides, Steest was about my thoughts and words and not about the images.

Thank you for your support. I truly appreciate it