24 July 2010

The Great Together

I don't know exactly when I heard about the Class of '76 getting together.  I think I must have heard it from a couple of my FB CBN friends.  As time went by, more and more were sending messages and today, the lunch materialised with 28 of us showing up.

It isn't always easy to organise a get together.  However, Facebook has made it easier and since it was an open invitation, anyone who was interested could just inform and join in.   Life is so easy when there are no protocols to follow.

I hadn't seen some of these gals since 34 years ago.  Yet we picked up just as if it was yesterday that we were in school.  Some of us weren't ever in the same class but it did not matter.  Some of us remembered the face but not the name or vice versa.  Some of us who have kept in touch via emails or HP also met up again after too many years.  Some are back for the summer holidays and happily shared news about other CBNers who are overseas.

Last night, I was wondering about what to wear, or if anyone would notice my hair is coloured, and that I am far removed from the image of a skinny girl with pigtails. 

None of my concerns was of any concern at all.  Everyone only saw the happy memories we had when we were in school.  We saw beyond all those superficial things and found that genuine friendships really last a lifetime.  

I am such a homebody. I almost never socialise.  Therefore, I am quite picky about going out.  I am so glad that I did not give this a miss.

What makes for a great get together?  I know.  Laughter.  Hugs.  Kisses.  Jokes.   It's also “the pointing at someone who just arrived and who you suddenly recognise”.   It's about connecting again with the girls who you knew as teens and who are now wives/mothers/grandmothers.  It's reuniting with the familiar banter and feeling teary from the joy of being part of these beautiful people.

So what's 34 years between friends?  I can tell you it's nothing!

The Get Together is all about the great together.

Dedicated to my wonderful and much loved 
CBN class of 1976. 
All photos only on Facebook.

G, I did a grammar check but I claim writer's licence 
for breaking some English Language rules. :-)


G said...

Lita, poetic licence granted.

Pat said...

I'm so glad you had a great time. I just knew you would, because that's so who you are!

Going to Facebook to kaypoh now ;)

STEEST said...


Thank you so much. I was waiting for it. Thanks also for the delightful comment on Facebook. Loved that too.


STEEST said...

Pat darling,

Kaypoh all you want! You're in my life now!!!!!!