17 July 2010

Of connecting the dots

I don't really consider myself a superstitious person.  I might have grown up exposed to many tales of supernatural phenomena but I believe that they didn't really have much of an impact on me.  Usually, the old wives' tales are considered to be almost as close as you can get to fact.  Why?  The old women say so!  

I usually sit on the fence when I hear of anything unexplainable.  Sometimes I can see right through it.  At other times, I wonder about a logical explanation.  It used to amuse me that people always laid claim to "knowing", beforehand, about an event that occurred but only after it took place.  They normally begin by saying "I had a feeling about it."  Then they elaborate about having a dream or seeing it in some vision.  Sometimes, they just say that they knew it.  

When I was young, I think I did fall for some of it.  I remember being in awe of these people and I felt that they had some special power. 

I still don't know where I stand on this issue.  

Of course, it's not important but I do have some personal experiences, which I don't understand nor which I can explain.

The first one was when DC died; two different people told me that they had dreamt of him.   

One lived in Penang, the other in Kuala Lumpur and they were not in contact with each other.  Yet when they related their dream to me, at different opportunities, it was uncanny.  It was as if they had seen the same movie and told me about it.  I don't think they would have concocted this. Why would they?  I pondered over it for a long time and until today; I cannot understand how two complete individuals could  have an almost identical dream.  Even the dialogue in the dream was similar.  How do we connect the dots?  

The second co-incidence is that DC died on 26 March which is 5 days after my birthday on 21 March.  Unbelievably, Eric, my second boy died on 17 July also exactly 5 days after Jared's birthday on 12 July.  What are the odds of that happening?  A gambling person might say a million to one.  What's the significance?  I don't know.  

What brought all this up? I am thinking of Eric today.

Anyway, it was timely that just less than an hour ago, a friend of mine began to sort out some thoughts in his head and writing it down in his email to me.  In the end, he said it was getting complicated and just stopped abruptly.  No further analysis and no more trudging through the whole rigmarole.  He just put a smiley and that was it.  This got me thinking about how easy it is to dismiss what is too much trouble to sort out.  That is if one really wants to!

When I replied to his email, I told him that he should bottle up that quality and sell it.  I added that he'd be a millionaire.  Upon hindsight, I think that people won't want it.  People love spending time connecting the dots. 

I'll end this on a lighter note.  See image to smile.

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KS Cheah said...

I know what you mean Lita.

My thinking these days is that not all things are due to coincidence. But then trying to join the dots on some things just throws up more conjecture that it becomes too futile to even want to contemplate.

Have a great weekend my dear...


Antares said...

Through your personal revelations here, you have given us more dots to connect, dear Lita. I knew about DC but not about Eric. I would really love to hear more about him. Either here or, if you prefer, privately. Love to you and your loved ones xox

Johan H said...

You're absolutely right that people love connecting the dots. Maybe thats why we find mystery novels so much more engaging than encyclopedias. Much of my career dealt with 40% fact 60% hunch. Investment and finance is like that. Although I did have my share of esoteric shareholders, particularly the feng shui sensitive types, we did draw a thick line between statistical extrapolation and clairvoyant dreams though lol. Somewhere along the line, I learned to accept that there's a healthy dose of randomness in life, even if they appear as fantastic coincidences. I also accept that its perfectly human to look for patterns regardless. Its a need. But as long as the conclusions we make has a positive effect on us, like giving us more self confidence, I say go ahead, knock yourselves out!

Pat said...

I really loved reading Johan's comment here. I think he says so succinctly exactly how I feel: that people love doing this, and if it harms no one, 'knock yourselves out'! Lovely! :)

The only person I seem to be psychic about is Chuan. He'll say something, and it would be the exact thing I'd be thinking of at that very moment! It could be that there was something we'd both seen, or heard, at the same time, that triggered that thought, and one of us just happened to voice it!

But I'd like to think we have a psychic connection. A meeting of minds. That's wayy cooler than saying it's mere coincidence, or pointing out the whys or wherefores of what happened! Hahahah!!! Yup, just knocking myself out and being happy about it ;)

(A big hug for you - for DC and Eric. You are an incredible woman, sweets, and I love you.)

STEEST said...

My dear KS,

I get what you mean too! I had a feeling you'd comment. hahahaha

Sometimes there are things in life that just can't be explained! You know better than I do about this.

You have a great week also!

STEEST said...

Antares my dear,

More dots to connect ah? Well, I guess if we dig deep enough, we'll find the connection. Or not! I still am not any nearer to a revelation.

I had thought of blogging about Eric. I'm thinking about it. If I don't, then I'll send you the story.

Meanwhile, you can check this http://steest.blogspot.com/2008/11/dedication-to-eric.html

I am amazed at your wanting to know more. Most people dread to ask. For that, I must say that I love you.


STEEST said...

Dear Johan,

What a nice contribution to my blog. You covered what I had inadvertently left out. Not because I knew and forgot but because I didn't know. :D

Thanks Mate!

STEEST said...

Darling Pat

How wonderful to come home and read what you write. So so so good for the soul.

I believe that there is some reason for everything. I'm not going to beat myself up to find out the reasons. I will do as I have always done, which is to just let it simmer in my head and use it as a conversation starter when I meet someone interesting.

(Hug received and relished). I am an incredible woman and I love me. hahahahaha,

Just got to love you right back!

I can't stop smiling now. :D Okay, I can't stop grinning now.

Uncle Lee said...

Hi Steest, regret read about your loss.
Interesting post this....I myself have gone thru or experienced many things that is beyond understanding or explanation.

I have blog posted a few....and one was my stopping, I drive a lot on business and after 6pm will never stop for anything, not even for Sophia Loren....but my car came to a sop enroute to Ipoh after Bidor and I carried an old man.

That earthy smell when he got into my car still gives me the shivers today....and later after dropping him, he disappeared completely, middle of nowhere...
leaving a very strong scent of bunga chempaka.

I stopped driving out of town after 6pm for months then, ha ha.
Have a nice day, keep well, Lee.