17 December 2010

#3 Of What Makes Me Smile

Some of you know that I lost my second son, Eric.  It was hard for me but it must have been worse for Jared since he lost his only brother.  

I don’t know how it must have been for him.  Crippled by my own pain at that time, I couldn’t have realised that he, too, felt the awful void.

Anyway, there were good moments during those days that made me smile (for days on end).  This is one of them.

Many, many years ago, one of my cousins, after having 3 wonderful boys, conceived again and although, we were all hoping she would finally get a girl, she had another boy.  She asked me to be the godmother of that beautiful baby boy.  I agreed and I am so grateful to her for thinking of me.

After a gathering at her house in honour of my newborn godson, we were on our way home and we had this conversation in the car.

He:  Aunty L is so lucky to have 4 of them.
Me:  Yes.
He:  Maybe they can give us one.
He:  Maybe we can ask them since they have so many.
Me (laughing):  We can’t!  Those boys are her sons.
Me (trying to be serious): How would you like it if we had 4 and people ask us to give them one?
He:  But if she gives us one, she will still have 3 and we will have 2.
Me:  We cannot do that lah!  And don't you ask!!!!
He (not listening): We’ll ask for M______
Me:  Why him?
He:  He’s the same age as Eric.

If only life were as simple as that.  It’s a sad memory but it still makes me smile, always.

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Caroline Anita Lee said...

From Caroline Anita Lee

You want to touch and hold but you can't, you want to say something but you can't.....but you can keep on loving and remembering...wishing you and your family a very Blessed Xmas and New Year...With Warmest Love..hugsxxxx

Pat said...

This made me smile, too. If only things were that simple, eh?!

aida said...

oh i can imagine how your surviving son felt losing his brother.u see i carried twin girls to full term.but only mia survived but the other girl had complications.somehow mia feels like she is missing something without knowing what it really is.

STEEST said...

To Carol,

Thanks for your kind thoughts. As you know, I wish you the same from my family to yours.

Loads of love and hugs and kisses.

STEEST said...

To Pat

I'm glad it did make you smile. It's a bonus when what makes me smile, makes others smile too.

Some things are, simple, like our friendship. No conditions and easy!

Love that about us.


STEEST said...

To Aida

Thanks for sharing that. I hadn't known about Mia having a twin.

Hope you come by again.

Hugs for you and Mia. :)

Shakun said...

But now he has TWO sisters!!

STEEST said...


Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! This makes me smile too!


Martin Lee said...

It must be hard for you that such unfortunate things happened to Eric.

Reading the loss made me and all parents's eyes wet!

Children and family members are God's gifts to us. One day we hope to meet them again in the presence of God and have the grandest reunion party ever, one that could never experience on earth.

Wanna take this opportunity to wish you and your family a Happy and prosperous New Year of 2011