04 December 2010

#2 Of What Makes Me Smile

Children are so innocent and they take anything you give them.  They trust you unquestioningly and they love you unconditionally.

I hardly gave my kids any aerated drinks when they were growing up.  Mostly they drank milk, water or the famous Ribena which, until today, is a favourite.

During one Chinese New Year celebration, I had a case of packet mango juice.  Jared asked for one and in the festive spirit, I said, "okay".  He was about 4 or maybe 5 years old.

As he was drinking the juice from the tiny straw,  he said, “Ummmmmm, this mango juice is nice and gassy”.  I jumped and grabbed the packet from him and screamed, “Don’t swallow!  Spit it out!”. 

It was too late.  He already swallowed a mouthful of what he thought was a delicious aerated mango juice.

I would learn later that he has an iron stomach and a weird sense of food combinations.  This boy can eat maggi curry noodles with cheese.  I think, my godson, Greg taught him this.  Yucks!

When  I tell this story, I always smile.


Pat said...

This story made me laugh, and reminded me of how Chuan and I did the same thing with our children. We tried to keep them safe from all the 'bad' stuff out there, just like you did.

In our home, if they got gassy-drinks at all, it was diluted. So, it wasn't that big a deal.

One day, at a friend's place, she gave them the unadulterated stuff. We overheard them comparing notes, in the backseat, on the way home: "Aunty Noraini's coke is so yummy! Not like ours at all!"

STEEST said...

Hey Pat

I remember you told me this story. That's a good anecdote too.

I've been meaning to bring the comments from Facebook to my blog but I've been busy and lazy.

Hope I manage to do that during the holidays.

Remember to say hello to the Queen for me.

:* and hugs