19 December 2010

Of being happy, happier and happiest!

In general, I am a happy person.  I've learnt that being happy is a conscious decision.  Occasionally, I found that even when I was happy, something could come up to make me happier.

This is me with my "happy" face.

Yesterday, when I was killing time between sending and picking Jared up (okay! I was shopping!), I got a BBM from Stephen.  He said that he had received a handsome bonus.  Of course, whatever he gets, for me in Malaysia, is multplied by 2.3 at least.

So I get a beautiful bonus too!  Stephen is so sweet.  Along with the cash, came words for why I deserved it and that made me love him even more.  

This is my "happier" face.

When am I happiest?  It's when I have moments that money cannot buy.  Too many to mention.  No picture could capture that face!

By the way, my grandpa would have been 101 today if he was alive.  I was always his favourite grandchild.  I miss him.  Happy Birthday, Pa!  


Pat said...

Merry Christmas, darling! I love it that you're happy, happier and happiest :)

Oldstock said...

May you remain happy always, Lita. Merry Christmas and enjoy the holidays...